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Adobe Photoshop Express Editor e un’applicazione web con la quale e possibile operare sulle immagini presenti sul nostro sistema operativo pronte per essere salvate oppure condivise vie email oppure su Facebook, Twitter, Google+ ecc. Adobe Photoshop Express Editor e un’applicazione utile se dobbiamo operare su immagini senza dover installare nessuna applicazione sul nostro pc (ottima ad esempio anche su Chromium OS o distribuzioni leggere come Puppy Linux ecc). Whilst there is no complete alternative to Photoshop, there are many free image and photo editors with similar features that allow you to edit, design, convert, and share your images and photos online.
While GIMP doesn’t provide official Windows or Mac binaries, it is crossplatform, and can be installed using the Windows Installer for PC, or by using the Mac packages for GIMP on OS X. Although the online version doesn’t allow the user work on multiple layers, it is a great online tool for those who love Photoshop but don’t want to fork out for the full version.
Pheonix, by Aviary Tools, is part of a collection of online tools designed for editing audio and visual projects. As noted by the blurb from the website, Pixia is slightly different from other image editors but has gathered a huge fan base. However, unlike the GIMP, Seashore aims to serve the basic image editing needs of most computer users, not to provide a replacement for professional image editing products. Inkscape supports many advanced SVG features (markers, clones, alpha blending, etc.) and great care is taken in designing a streamlined interface. Because of this it can show real-time previews of filters and keep modifications live for as long as you want.

This means that you can add for example a blur filter on your text and keep everything dynamic. ChocoFlop is only available for Mac OS X, but sports a 2 second boot time, even on older machines.
CinePaint is a deep paint image retouching tool that supports higher color fidelity than ordinary painting tools. Krita is a KDE program for sketching and painting, offering an end–to–end solution for creating digital painting files from scratch by masters. Krita is available for Mac and Windows, however the Windows version is still ‘Highly Experimental’ so expect a few bugs. Oggi vi vogliamo presentare Adobe Photoshop Express Editor versione free via web del famoso software proprietario di foto-ritocco.
Some of these applications are actually quite powerful, so if you’re looking for a cheap solution, check out of the 14 FREE image and photo editors below. Whilst that claim could be disputed, it is a perfect solution for professionals and non professional alike. It is very easy to edit nodes, perform complex path operations, trace bitmaps and much more.
ChocoFlop allows you to edit your photos or design stuff using Apple’s CoreImage technology.

You can change the strength of your blur filter at any time or edit your text, the blur will apply on the updated text. Top features include: Import and edit common image file formats, Straighten photos and crop to common print sizes, Repair old and damaged photos, Remove red eye, smooth skin, whiten teeth and more, Remove unwanted objects from pictures, Adjust levels, curves, brightness, contrast and more, Paint and blend with artistic brushes. CinePaint opens high fidelity image file formats such as DPX, 16-bit TIFF, and OpenEXR, and conventional formats like JPEG and PNG. Fields of painting that Krita explicitly supports are concept art, creation of comics and textures for rendering. So just like me if you are looking for a free alternative to Photoshop you can use ArtWeaver.The program is almost similar to Photoshop in looks. It combines common features such as image design, paint tools, photo editing and adjustment tools with a simple user interface, and it’s all available online, no download necessary.
Modelled on existing real-world painting materials and workflows, Krita supports creative working by getting out of the way and with a snappy response.
If  you want it to suppport photoshop plugins then you will have to go for Artweaver plus, which is a paid version of the same.One more impressive feature of it is you can record the whole painting process, save it and replay it later with Artweaver.

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