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This Photoshop tutorial goes over the creation of an action scene inspired by the movie, TRON. Now we will start constructing the background of the scene and placing some elements onto it. Using the Polygonal Lasso Tool (L), make a selection around the large light streak, copy and paste the selection onto another layer. Copy the layer, resize the light streaks in the duplicated layer, and move the copied layer a bit to give the light streaks more detail. Using the Polygonal Tool, select another small part of the light streak and use this to build the lights on the fingers.
Here, we are going to give the skin some distortion and tighten up on the transition from the arm to the light streaks. Use the Elliptical Marquee Tool (M) to make a circle which intersects the line coming across the lower part of the torso. This is where it gets tricky; we are going to attempt to give the illusion of the lights being inside the skin. Now we have two problems: (1) the duplicated layer on top is hiding some of the bevel of the light streak outline and (2) some of the bevel on the bottom layer is showing in unwanted areas.
Place the other orbs in various places, making sure to alter their sizes and layer opacities depending on their position, to create a sense of depth.
Using the layer masks, mask out the top of the motion-blurred orb layers and the bottom of the other Orbs layers. Use the Pen Tool (P) to cut the face of the helmet, and cut the lower ends of the helmet that is covering the shoulder. Add a Bevel and Emboss layer style to the helmet using the same technique used in Step 8 (make two layers, add a bevel to the bottom one and using a layer mask to erase sections of both layers). Afterwards, make a new layer on top of the layer used to make the other streaks on the TRON lighting effects on the body. Add a layer mask to the smoke layer and mask away some of the smoke in places where it may be too concentrated or where it might be covering the subject.
Create a layer mask on the grunge brush layer and, using the same or a similar grunge brush, mask the brush strokes until you’re left with just the fine particles. Add a layer mask to the glowing edges and mask away the sky, face and other parts of the body. Give them a layer mask and then use the Paint Bucket Tool to paint the layer masks with black.
Add a layer mask and mask the motion blur on the front of most of the elements and parts of the background.
Sekani Solomon is a young designer hailing from the twin island nation of Trinidad and Tobago. I have a trouble, when I distort the Reacher copy layer, what .PSD did you use to distort like that?
I have not done the tutorial yet but I can tell it’s great and I will do it when I have the time for it.
50 Mind-blowing Retro-style Photoshop Illustrations Graphic design from the 70s, 80s and 90s has plenty to offer modern-day designers. Tip: To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above. LearningIT Blog Here you will find various types of information regarding IT, the arts and learning in the 21st century. The Carrot Revolution is an art education weblog and a resource page for art educators, art students, and artists in the digital age.

Student Art Guide A New Zealand Art Teacher blog relating to IGCSE Art, but also worthy for IB Art students as well. Modern Art For Kids a blog where PearMama shares her art lesson plans for elemenatry students.
The Art Room Home Page Check out this great resource of online art related apps, games and activities. ARARTE Asia Region Art Educators a personal learning network for artists and teachers living, working or interested in Asia. ArtisanCam This website is packed with features including classroom activities, workshops, superb video footage, masterclasses and more. The Drawing Center Viewing Program Established in 1977, The Drawing Center’s Viewing Program offers emerging artists the opportunity to include their work in a curated Artist Registry that is consulted by a wide variety of arts professionals from across the globe: curators, gallerists, collectors, and educators, among others. Art, Books, and Creativity is a yearlong arts curriculum developed by the National Museum of Women in the Arts. ArtBabble Showcases video art content in high quality format from a variety of sources and perspectives.
Specific Web 2.0 Resources for Arts Educators Looking for ways to add Web 2.0 content to your wiki? Awesome tutorials, it’s people like you who are actually contributing to the future of good website designs on the internet! We will discuss surreal photo manipulation techniques that give the illusion that the subject’s arm and other parts of his body are disintegrating into light. Be sure to make the clouds on the top larger than the ones on the bottom, which helps with the illusion of depth. Change the Blend Mode of the new layer to Screen and change the orientation of the lights so it fits over the arm of the subject. Use Puppet Warp (Edit > Puppet Warp, only available in Adobe Photoshop CS5) to bend the lights on the finger joints. Duplicate the layer and add a Bevel and Emboss layer effect to the bottom layer (settings shown below).
To solve these problems, on the bottom layer, mask out the parts of the bevel that are unwanted (the outer edges).
With a brush at 0% Hardness and a TRON blue color (#02acec), brush over the TRON streaks we previously made. Make a copy of all the orb layers and add layer masks to both the copied and original orb layers. Download and open Tron Quorras Helmet, isolate one of the helmets, and place it into our scene.
Download and open Stock photo: smoke, place it onto our scene, and change the Blend Mode of its layer to Screen so that its black background disappears. The concept behind the following technique is that we are going to make one adjustment layer that brightens the image and one that darkens the image. The one with the higher curve is for the highlights (left) and the adjustment layer with the lower curve is for shadows (right). With the layer mask selected, start brushing over the shadows using a white brush with 0% Hardness and low opacity.
Set the Blend Mode of the Gradient Map adjustment layer to Overlay and lower the layer’s Opacity to 17%.
He was introduced to Photoshop at the young age of 13, but only began using the software seriously in 2008. If I look at the hands, it showed the lighting power but if I look at the back or the bottom part of the picture, the guy seemed falling.

However, just by looking at the final result, you should have rotated the thrown disks around a little so it doesn’t look like copy pasted and just resized. Here we introduce a bunch of modern-day graphic designers using the best of retro-styles to create incredible and original work that melds the past, the present, and sometimes, the future!
ABC provides meaningful arts learning experiences while highlighting the natural connections between visual arts and language arts. The techniques in this tutorial use different transform tools, filters and adjustment layers to give phenomenal results. Also, change the orientation of the duplicated images so the clouds do not look like a continuous pattern.
Use the other Transform commands as needed to give the lights good contour and shape to match the hand. With a 100% Hardness, 25px brush, use the Pen Tool (P) to trace outlines of the lights that follow the contours of the subject’s body. Then select the layer on top and then mask out the parts of the skin that are covering the bevel on the TRON light streaks. You will have to change the layer orders to give the appearance that the orbs are behind the subject. Change the size of the brush depending on whether you’re painting large or small areas. We added light streaks, used layer masks to our advantage, utilized a technique for color contrasting using Curves adjustment layers, and more. He studies at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) under the Motion Media Design and Visual Effects program. ABC is a model for integrating the visual arts into the core curriculum while maintaining a specific focus on the contributions of women artists to our shared cultural history. Great lighting techniques and atmospheric effects will also be demonstrated in this tutorial. After the outline is created, right-click and choose Stroke Path, making sure not to apply the Pressure option. What we just did was we made a selection of the negative space around the subject, which enabled us to delete the excess light streaks.
What this does is it reduces the opacity of any object on the layer, but not the opacity of the layer style. Then, using a white brush, we are going to then reveal the shadows and highlights in the places we want them. He continues to push the boundaries of his design capacity by engaging himself in different digital media fields.
The ABC curriculum promotes visual literacy by developing students' skills in observation, reflection, and arts creation.
As you will see from the tutorials featured here, there is no limit to what can be done with Photoshop skills and a bit of creativity. The curriculum unites visual art and writing through the creation of artists' books, an art form especially suited to linking imagery and language.
If you find one you think others should know about and try, feel free to use the discussion tab at the top of this page to post your raves (or rants) for others to read.

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