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If I had to pick just one beauty trend to wear this season, it would be the brightly hued eyeliners that are popping up everywhere. They look so pretty and flattering, while making makeup super-simple – just a flick of the pencil and you are ready to go! Colored eyeliner really works best when it hugs your lash line, without any skin peeping through in between. Colored eyeliner is the beauty equivalent of a little red dress – meant to be seen, not overshadowed. And certainly not treated as “part” of an outfit. Beauty is my lifeline and after years of picking the brains of some of the world’s most acclaimed skin experts, hair stylists, makeup artistes and photographers in my various jobs as Managing Editor at Vogue, Beauty Director at Marie Claire and Beauty Editor at Cosmopolitan, this is what I know and enjoy the most!
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Il segreto per usare l’eyeliner al meglio e per farlo durare piu a lungo e scuoterlo con delicatezza prima dell’uso, in modo che il prodotto si distribuisca bene sull’applicatore e non si solidifichi nella confezione.
Purtroppo, infatti, noi “comuni mortali” non abbiamo a disposizione un make-up artist che ci trucchi in maniera impeccabile. In caso di sbavature, puoi correggere i tremolii e le imperfezioni con un cotton fioc inumidito.
E’ inutile (ma lo diciamo lo stesso) sottolineare che e importante acquistare prodotti di buona qualita per quanto riguarda il make-up, in special modo per i cosmetici che vanno applicati a contatto con gli occhi. Hai ancora qualche dubbio su come applicare l’eyeliner e su come ottenere un tratto uniforme, simmetrico e chic?
Seguiro sicuramente i tuoi consigli visto che difficilmente riesco ad applicare bene l’eyeliner! Complimenti per la bravura e la professionalita oltre che per la passione che infondi in ogni tutorial.
Grazie per questo tutorial, mi sara molto utile perche ho sempre fatto pasticci nel truccarmi gli occhi, in particolare con l’eyeliner.
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COLOR SHOW® NAIL LACQUERChip Free Nail Color, Straight from the Shows in 48 ShadesMAKEUP TIPSGet the latest makeup looks with Maybelline's exclusive tips and tutorials for your eyes, face, lips & nails.
EYESTUDIO® BROW DRAMA™Tinted gel mousse + ball brushEYE STUDIO® COLOR TATTOO® LEATHERCream eye shadow. I heard about these liners and I was surprised that it lasts throughout the day and stays on forever. I really love this product but it is made better by adding one or two drops of contact lens cleaner liquid. To begin, take an inch-long piece of Scotch tape and press it to your hand a few times to dull some of its adhesive power.

Place the tape underneath your bottom lashes at the outer corner of your eye and angle it towards your temple. Begin sketching at the middle of your upper lash line, which is where the liquid line should begin to thicken. Using the tape like a straight-edged ruler, continue drawing your line along the tape past the outer corner. Finish the line by going back to the middle of your eye and sketching short thin strokes over to the tear duct.
Notice how the liquid liner starts out slim, gradually widens as it moves along to the outer corner, and then flicks out to a sharp, straight point at the end. Now, the eyes look well balanced and distinguished in their own right compared to the rest of the face. Start at the inner corner of your lid and apply along your entire lash line following the contour of your eye. If you’ve ever tried to use liquid eyeliner, then you already know how difficult it can be. For the cleanest effect, work your way from the top innermost area to the outer corner. Then do the bottom line, starting from the outside and working your way inward.
Frankly, the main reason colored eye makeup often ends up looking tacky is that it’s paired with super-bright lips, OTT eye shadow and teased hair. Si presenta solitamente liquido con applicatore a pennello, ma ne esistono anche in versione matita o pennarello.
Oltre a questo, applica l’eyeliner sempre dopo un aver steso un filo di Primer occhi. E un cosmetico a “prova di bomba”, da usare sempre, sia in ufficio che nelle serate mondane. In aggiunta, non tutte abbiamo la mano ferma e la pazienza per stendere l’eyeliner ogni giorno. Prima dell’eyeliner stendi un velo di Primer occhi, poi passa all’ombretto (i colori “in” di quest’anno sono l’oro, il bronzo, l’argento e il nero) e concludi con un mascara allungante e volumizzante. Makeup artist Gabriel Almodovar will show you quick and easy ways to go from clean and luminous to dangerously magnetic with our new Color Tattoo Metals collection. Let mega-luscious, soft yet dense lashes lead the way and show you how done up eyes can carry any mood. I find the texture of the gel to be a little dry and stiff, and it bends the brush bristles in a way that's hard to apply.
Luckily, sketching on exotic cat eyes just got a whole lot easier thanks to this one sticky trick. Avoid angling the tape towards the end of your brow, otherwise your wing can take on more of an Amy Winehouse-esque hooked appearance. Don’t worry if some of the liner bleeds onto the tape—this will all be removed any way!

By the time the liner reaches the inner corner, the streak should hug the lashes as tightly as possible.
And what’s more, the liquid eyeliner adds the perfect final touch to this retro-inspired look. The best way to check if your liner is symmetrical is to step away from the mirror and look at your eyes at more of a distance. The last eyeliner I purchased, the black was not black at all, and went on extremely light. Despite the fact that some celebrities, like Lauren Conrad, make it look easy, creating the perfect cat-eye or winged liner look is really tricky! I searched Pinterest for a ton of liquid eyeliner tips and tricks for myself, and I knew I had to share them with you guys too.
Qualora l'uso delle immagini presenti in questo blog violasse il Copyright sulle stesse, bastera comunicarlo alla Redazione (sezione 'Contatti'), che provvedera alla loro pronta rimozione. For precision, we prefer a felt-tip pen, such as the razor-sharp YSL Eyeliner Effet Faux Cilsseen here. Messiness isn’t an issue here, but do make sure the liner gradually gets thinner and thinner as you sketch out the line. I called Customer Service to see if there was a product formula change & there was not, They offered to replace it, GREAT Cust. There are actually a lot of different techniques you can use with liquid liner to create a look that’s right for you. Its from their new launched range THE ONE, I was so excited to wear it but had no clue how to get a perfect eyeline look.
Most of us struggle with uniformity when it comes to this technique, finding ourselves looking more like a bad cat woman on Halloween, than Nicole Richie.
All you have to do it trace from the edge of your eye up to the dot and fill in your winged liner shape. If you’re struggling, try out a bunch of these and then go with whatever is easiest for you.
Make sure you dab it on your hand a couple of times so that it doesn’t pull off your face when you lift it off. The day you can effortlessly  make an enviable cat-eye shape, you will thank me (and Pinterest).

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