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Hayley Williams celebrated her little sister Erica’s 18th birthday in January 2014 by getting matching tattoos from artist Ian White at Safe House Tattoo Studio. The tattoo is a hand holding an envelope to symbolize relationships with loved ones while on the road. It’s done in a traditional style in black and red inks and surrounded by leaves and ribbons for decoration. The tattoo was done at Kat Von D’s shop High Voltage Tattoo in West Hollywood by artist Dan Smith in August 2012.
In December 2010, Hayley Williams and her best friend Dakotah Rae got matching tattoos on their wrists of a tiny outline of a heart. Hayley Williams has a tattoo of a solid black cross tattoo on the front of her right thigh. Hayley Williams has a tattoo behind her left ear to commemorate her times on the Warped Tour. Hayley Williams’ other ankle tattoo is a heart with patches right below and behind the razor.
I think that the tattoo on her wrist is brilliant, the one that the other band members got.

Tattoos are not a bad thing, they are a form of art only true to that person, it’s a public window into the soul of the person who has them. That is Old Testament…when the bail was torn all the strict laws were no longer relavent. Period excommunicate yourself from your family for a week, and don’t ever braid your hair. I like Robert Rankin books but I’m not about to have a tattoo of Barry the time sprout on my ball sack. Hayley and Jeremy both got it on their wrists while Taylor’s is a bit further up his arm, closer to his elbow. Both tattoos were revealed on Paramore’s South American tour in October 2008, though it is not known exactly when she had them done.
Hayley hasn’t spoken much about this tattoo other than to say that she got it while on tour with New Found Glory. I have had a HUGE crush on Hayley since I heard of Paramore in 2006 and they have literally been my #1 favorite band since then nonstop and for someone in this century to dislike someone due to ink that isn’t doing anything to them is extremely ridiculous. I don’t believe God looks at the tattoos you have or the color of your hair or what brand of jeans you have on today.

Catholics foolishly elevate their Popes to the idolatrous level of God’s Vicar (representative) on earth. Been wearing the necklace for yearsa€¦ All the men in my family have TCB (taking care of business) and the women have TLC (tender love and care).
Hayley got this tattoo in July 2009, shortly after Paramore played a surprise set at the Cleveland Warped Tour 2009 show. Though I don’t like all of her tattoos and some were done on such a whim, it’s become less appealing to me- but why would my opinion matter so much to her?
But I am just speculating on the way I see things, it may be something completely different! I just think the meaningful ones are relevant like the heart, the flowers of her sisters the cross the barcode and the envelope one.

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