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1Larkspur is an annual member of the buttercup family Ranunculaceae (of which all members, to my knowledge, are toxic). There are about 40 species of larkspur and hundreds of cultivars created for and by horticulturists.
Greek mythology- Ajax slew himself after he dishonored himself in a temper when he did not receive the armor of Achilles and larkspur sprang from his blood. Because of its association with Ajax, a hero of the Trojan war, as well as healing wounds on the battlefield and helping to fight lice infestations among the troops, larkspur is a suitable addition to any spell related to the protection, comfort and care of soldiers and other hero types.
According to Cunningham's Encycolopedia of Magical Herbs, Larkspur helps keep away ghosts, scorpions and other venomous creatures. A tincture of the seeds is insecticidal and traditionally used for head lice and body lice. The leaves and seeds contain the toxin delphinine, which is toxic and has been known to poison grazing livestock.
Commonly confused with the delphinium, the larkspur is actually a separate genus – the genus consolida. As is the case with most plants, each color of the larkspur flower has its own separate meaning. ClipArt ETC is a part of the Educational Technology Clearinghouse and is produced by the Florida Center for Instructional Technology, College of Education, University of South Florida. It is native to Asia, Europe and the Mediterranean region but has naturalized throughout the civilized world due to its popularity as a garden plant.

They are easily started from seed and do not transplant well, so sow them right in your garden as soon as the danger of frost has past.
Bunches may be hung in a the stable to prevent the animals from theft or predation (just keep it out of the animals' reach as larkspur is toxic). Although they are members of the same family, their structure and growth habits vary in that, unlike the delphinium, larkspurs blossom in an open, branched spike; their fruits are single instead of clustered, and they grow annually instead of perennially.
Although the better known story of the warrior Ajax furthers the confusion between the larkspur and its sister plant, the delphinium, there are many other stories that cite this flower.
Pink generally represents fickleness, white signifies a happy-go-lucky nature, while purple is often indicative of first love and a sweet disposition. It grows to 2-4 feet tall with loose spikes of blue, purple, pink or white flowers that appear in the summer but fade in excessive heat.
Along its open spike, the larkspur flower blooms loosely in a vertical group along the top of the stalk. According to one myth of a Native American tribe, this flower came into being by a curious celestial figure who ripped open the evening sky, scooped up and twisted a portion of it and created a spike.
In general, though, these flowers represent an open heart, and are sometimes associated with strong romantic bonds, which is why many people give these flowers as unique gifts to both old and new lovers. You can deadhead them at this point or let them seed out so they return the following year. Their heads consist of both petals and sepals, one of which is elongated into a spur-like shape that is similar in appearance to a lark’s spiked back toe – thus the unusual name.

When she plunged it down to earth so as to climb down and satiate her curiosity, small blue flecks of sky adhered to it. Although most people give larkspurs in the form of a bouquet – usually with contrasting flowers that hold a similar message – some prefer to give a single stalk, so as to convey a clear message of a strong emotional attachment to the recipient. They have 1 pistil and several stamen, four petals, two of which are fused at the top and 5 sepals. Eventually the sun dried out the stalk, and scattered small pieces along the planet, thus creating the delicate larkspur flower. Four of the sepals look like petals and the fifth looks like a spur extending from the back of the flower, thus the common name. The flower was once used both by witches, and to protect people and animals against witches. In Transylvania, dried larkspur was placed in stables to keep sorcerers from casting their spells upon the animals; in England, however, both dried and fresh larkspurs were used in protection spells, to cure ailments, and as integral ingredients in Summer Solstice celebrations.

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