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How draw flowers, If you want to learn how to draw flowers, follow these easy steps and produce believable flower sketches in almost no time at all.. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Now because I am looking forward to the changing of seasons, I am going to submit this lesson on how to draw spring flowers step by step. In this next step you will be focusing on the Japanese sakura flowers and the shaping of the daisy. You are now on step three and as you know from previous lessons you are close to the finish line. Continue to sketch out the flower pedals, and then when that is done, you can add some detailing and definition. This is your last drawing step, and all you have to do is draw out some more of the lily pedals, and then sketch out the flower stem, and leaves.
Using the other shape you drew in step one, you will draw in the five daffodil petals like so, and as you can see the shapes of them are sort like a strawberry. Now that you have finished drawing out these flowers, you can have even more fun coloring them in.
The first thing you will do is draw out the lines of position for the stems of the spring flowers that you will be drawing. Now you will start drawing in all the skinny little pedals of the yellow daisy as you see it done for you here. All you have to do now is draw out the rest of the flower pedals on the sakura and then detail them as well. All you need to do now is color them in and give the finished colored drawing to your mom or someone you love.

I tried drawing the most beautiful blooms of the world, and because of that, I want to teach all you avid artists out there, “how to draw lilies”, step by step. Notice how they have smoothed out rough edges, this is because the lily is incredibly detailed. Add some minor definition and detail, and then start erasing all the guidelines and steps that you drew in step one. As I mentioned in so many other tutorials on flowers, blooms are not always hard to create.
Once the stems are drawn out add three small circles for the buds of the sakura flower and then one bigger circle for the yellow daisy.
Once that is done draw out more the tulip shape and then thicken the branch for the sakura flower. Once that is done you will draw out the rest of the leaves and then the rest of the pedals for the daisy and tulip.
I hope you all had fun, I will talk with you guys once again so keep your head up for my return.
All you have to do is think back on some of the prettiest looking flowers that sort of look easy to draw.
Also, since there is plenty of rain during the months of April, May and June, I also drew some cute little wet looking dew drops on some of the pretty pastel colored pedals. In the rankings, the lily stands in fourth place at being one of the most popular in the top ten. I am really proud how the drawing and coloring came out, the finished product looks so vivid. It's true, people of the United Kingdom, consider lilies, THE most popular out of all blooming plants.

Now just because I have chosen these flower strains, that doesn’t mean you can add more or draw your own favorites. I am placing this lesson under the Easter category because these are the flowers that are in bloom when Easter has arrived. The cool thing about lilies is that with every color, comes a different meaning, just like the rose.
I have only two more tutorials to submit before I call it a night and I would just like to say that I had a ball in the live room today. The quick rundown on the different meanings for each shade of lily, will be an interesting concept to learn. When you are done learning how to draw spring flowers step by step, you will also learn how to arrange spring flowers as well.
There are also plants called, “lilies of the valley” which represents purity of the heart, and finally the very popular Easter lily.
Anyways, let me get back to writing out the rest of my tutorials that I drew yesterday so I can get to work on some more new tutorials for tomorrow. It's now time that I shut up, and let you try out this tutorial so you can learn “how to draw lilies”.

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