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The Tiger is a potent symbol across Asia in many cultures and has long been a fixture in indigenous tattooing in India, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, China and Japan.
In Asia the tiger is associated with the power and might of kings, a position similar to the Lion in the Middle East and Europe. Below you will find a gallery of inspirational images that will help you in your quest of creating the perfect tiger tattoo.
Tigers are associated with power, ferocity, passion and sensuality, beauty and speed, cruelty and wrath.
In Hinduism the god Shiva, in his aspect of the destroyer, is depicted wearing a tiger skin and riding a tiger.

The appearance of a tiger in a dream may signal that new power or passion may awaken within you.
The tiger is generally seen as a symbol of power and strength, but also of destruction and violence.
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The tiger can be a symbol of both life and death, evil and evil's senseless or destructive power.
At the time of the Chou dynasty, images of tigers were hung in pregnant woman's rooms to protect the unborn baby.

In some areas tigers are thought to punish sinners, in the name of a supreme being, by attacking them.

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