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There is a huge demand for body art that is of personal significance to the individual whether they want to express their personality, character traits, ideals or beliefs and many opt for designs that reflect their ancestral heritage or faith.
Voodoo is practiced in various countries around the world however it is predominantly associated with parts of West Africa, Haitiand the US city of New Orleans in the state of Louisiana.
This is a favorite image that features in many voodoo tattoos and is a voodoo amulet which is deemed to protect the wearer from evil and to bring them luck and fortune.
Other popular combinations for a voodoo tattoo include skull and snake designs with the latter playing an integral part in Voodoo mythology.
One of the more unusual choices when it comes to designs of this nature would of course be a voodoo tattoo which certainly make an impact however some images used may appear somewhat disturbing.
The word refers to underground religious practices which originated from the African continent and is a cultural amalgamation of Afro-American religions that developed among the French, Spanish and Creole citizens who made up the African American population of New Orleans.

It originates Africa and consists of a small cloth back inscribed with verses from a spell which contains small ritualistic items that must be carried on the person.
The serpent god Damballah-Wedo is on of this religions most supreme and powerful deities, which is always represented in voodoo ritual by a snake. These include darker images such as skulls and serpents as well as traditional witch doctor and voodoo doll designs complete with pins sticking out of them but they are certainly very colorful and imaginative creations.
These became cemented with Catholicism and Francophone culture in South Louisiana due to the slave trade. The contents can be anything from bones and stones engraved with special incantations relating to the wearer.
The high priestess or priest dances with the snake as she performs the ceremony and this symbolizes the unification of our world and the spirit world beyond.

This differs greatly from the voodoo practiced in Haiti in that it centers around voodoo queens and the use of Hoodoo occult paraphernalia, not forgetting the fundamental gris gris. This was often used to ward off illness and misfortune and all voodoo worshippers are believed to partake at some point in this valuable experience. As body art there are some really cool designs featuring this particular ceremony with a colorful voodoo queen dancing with a snake wrapped around her.

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