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The 6-second limitation of Vine means videos have to employ particularly creative techniques to be effective. It’s tempting to cram as much information as possible into a Vine video, in order to have maximum impact.
American Apparel has simply tried to fit too much in, which means it hasn’t been possible to form a coherent message. All of these videos tell a story and are shot with such creativity and skill that they’re hugely shareable. Bacardi has taken things a step further than Urban Outfitters, and actually incorporated its brand into the video, while also telling a simple story: Bacardi should be kissed by lime for best results. Vine is quick, cheap and simple, and with a little creativity and imagination can yield excellent results – so it’s worth at least giving it a go and seeing where it takes you.
And, most importantly,shoot for entertaining over informative because there’s only so much information you can share in 6 seconds.
The aim here is not to attract new customers to your products and services, but to boost awareness of your brand by creating a video that will be shared widely.
Un mouvement sur Vine mobilise tous ses influenceurs et les plateformes de Social Media Monitoring ne peuvent pas le detecter ou le mesurer.

Hier soir, Marcus Johns une des plus grandes celebrites sur Vine (4.6 millions de followers) a defie toute la communaute a une battle de rap par Vines interposes. Si vous lisez ce blog regulierement (oui, oui ca va vous arriver) vous savez deja que notre reflexe a ete “et alors ?
S’appuyer sur une requete specifique dans son outil de social media monitoring pour capter et differencier les tweets contenant un Vine. A propos Articles recents Clement BrygierFounder chez Digital InsightersClement s'interesse particulierement a la convergence des sciences au service du marketing et de la communication. Initially, videos created using Vine could only be shared on Vine, Twitter or Facebook, but it’s now possible to embed them on external websites, opening the door to yet another online marketing opportunity. The beauty of Vine is that it can be used to record stop-motion videos, because you simply hold your finger down on the screen to film, and let go when you want to stop – and repeat until you’ve used up your 6 seconds. In fact, the Tribeca Film Festival incorporated a whole new segment this year – the #6secfilms – just to cater to Vine. If you have a lot of followers on Twitter and you manage to pull together a shareable video, your followers and their followers with share it on and on, quickly sending it viral. Tres oriente autour de la personne de Marcus Johns qui poussent les utilisateurs a lui repondre, le volume de Vine #rapbattlemarcus chute en fin de soiree.

Compare that with the American Apparel video above, and it’s easy to see the difference. Un certain nombre de stars dominent cette plateforme et generent le contenu le plus diffuse. This tactic probably wouldn’t have the same effect now, given that Vine has already become a standard part of online media. La dynamique entre ces stars est relativement elitiste, elles dialoguent surtout entre-elles par Vine interposes.
Comprendre ces dynamiques d’influence sur cette plateforme represente un nouvel enjeu pour les marques. Mais egalement pour les outils de social media monitoring qui devront integres Vine dans un futur proche, afin de ne pas passer a cote des contenus generes par les Viners.

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