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So I just starting looking into React Native and I started off by creating a simple application for IOS & Android to understand the basics. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged android calendar native react-native hybrid-mobile-app or ask your own question. How do I explain to my employer why I'm leaving, without telling him that I think he's been lying to me?
Is it ethical for an Employer to use personal (financial) information in negotiating salary? Basically, all I want to know is, for example, how much per passenger mile would it cost the airline to provide a few more inches of shoulder room for passenger room. Once, while my mother and I were boarding a very small commuter plane from Montreal to La Guardia, they asked my mother to switch seats for balance reasons. 9: 4 out of 24 of them are in fact 727s but look close at the nose of one of the 727 notice anything unusual about the nose of that bird?
In Private Pilot Land where I live you are supposed to get even a light dusting of frost off your airplane, because even a barely-visible coating of frost can change the aerodynamics of important items like wings and tail surfaces. If, however, you have a serious coating of ice on your small airplane you're sort of screwed.

Aircraft bodies are made with as small a cross sectional area as possible in order to minimize form drag which predominates at high speeds.
I was about to ask, but thought it better to read forward and see if anyone (inevitably) got their first.
Again I am NOT an aeronautic engineer but let's do some math (which will be full of assumptions but I do what I can). Now I know that analysis is not totally fair since there is weight in other parts of the plane not affected by widening the body. My recollection on passenger jets is they run up to the ragged edge of what safety regulations allow as far as takeoff weight versus engine thrust and whatnot go. I would think adding 8.5% overall weight and not even counting what that does to assess new flight characteristics would be a VERY significant cost to run the plane. The cost increase for first class is out of ALL proportion to what you get but they charge what people are willing to pay and I never see first class empty. If I were rich, and doing so wouldn't penalize me in other ways, I'd always fly first class. That and I find First Class on most jets to be rather crappy (mostly a moderately bigger seat and something that almost passes for food).
Most people can afford $300 for a flight to a job interview or funeral, I could probably scrounge it if I absolutely had to but it would probably mean shorting a few bills for that month.

If your comfort is important enough to you the option exists for a more expensive ticket to accommodate that. The attendants had people move to specific seats until the pilot was satisfied about the balance of the plane (I guess he had some sort of readout on his instrument panel). I don't think fat changes the width of my shoulders at all, yet if I'm in an aisle seat, I have to lean against the person next to me to let the flight attendant go by with a cart, and I'm constantly hit by people's luggage and purses as they walk by. You're dealing with large aircraft able to take heavy loads and the main wheels must be relatively close to the centre of gravity so that the tail plane has enough authority to pitch the nose up when taking off.
I can't sit in a window seat at all, as one shoulder is pressed against the cabin wall and the other is well over the line into the next seat.
Tall guys aught to appreciate that, not having to stand all leaned over waiting their turn.

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