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Buttock to knee Tattoo of polynesian maori Spiral by the side of the leg by Freddy Arona Teore Tahiti. Tattoo Girl Pictures on the shoulder blade with a bandage of braids in the centre of the tattoo, a Tipanier flower inside of it, a sun with a small snake, three maori symbols of waves or Soya beans and several Polyfusion marks. Tattoo Girl Pictures on the shoulder blade showing a musical note made based on two spiral strips filled with ancient polynesian small symbolism.
Tattoo Girl Pictures on the lower back representing a big red polynesian Hibiscus flower surrounded by two Tipanier flowers and several strips of maori polynesian small symbols as lines of pyramids, rosettes, letters  triangles, bandages, plaits & many more. Tattoo Girl Pictures on the lower stomach of a around-thirty years old girl representing two types of flowers as Tipanier and Hibiscus as well as a small sea horse and several strips of Maori Polyfusion symbols. The artist has include also 2 or 3 bandages in red colour to support the idea of turning movement of the spirals.
As the previous one, this piece has been tattooed by Jay, Mestup Inks Fiji Tattoo’s owner.

As the previous ones, this tattoo has been designed and inked in Fiji Islands by Mestup Inks Fiji Tattoo.
Designed and Tattooed in Fiji Islands by Jay, owner and main artist of Mestup Inks Fiji Tattoo. In Polynesian culture the sun often stands for riches, brilliance, grandness and leadership. Yes, they are all tiki things.Tiki is human-like figure that represents Polynesian semi-gods, which means deified ancestors and heads, who are sublimed after their death.
The sun’s periodic rising is regarded as eternity, giving consistent source, which is similar with other cultures. Rays with different symbols express associated meanings.There are quite a lot of creative Polynesian sun designs from skillful tattoo artists, which are not limited to the form mentioned above.
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These are all the things I’d like to have put into mine, any suggestions or any type of artwork I can look at? Could you please advice any further source of informations about the symbols and their meanings?
If you’re interested in the culture, you can read the book, The Polynesian Tattoo Today, written by Tricia Allen.

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