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Custom holy cards are unique keepsakes for weddings, baptisms, first communions and other special events.
Please be aware that the actual font size on the holy card will be much smaller than what appears on your screen.
This tattoo that Ludacris has is clearly a complex and expensive piece of drawing, as it is done in many shades of black and looks really realistic.
There is a story about the origin of the painted prayer hands which says that German painter Albrecht Daurer painted an image of praying hands and offered it as a gift for the mayor of Frankfurt in the 15th Century.

Praying hands tattoos also represent a prayer to remember someone who has died or also a difficult problem which the person wearing it has gone through. If you want to see how a Prayer Hands tattoo would look on your body, try this temporary version first, it will help you decide if to get a permanent one or not.
Dear Heavenly Father we stand in proxy for Elder Johnson Lord we ask you to give him strength in this very hour. Saints keep the prayers going the enemy uses death to try to distort our faith and hope in God but we are holding up those grieving. They are simple to design and can be ordered in quantities from three sheets (24 cards) up to as large a quantity as you need.

It is a strongly religious tattoo that represents one person’s faith in God, so people who choose it should think well if this is the faith symbol they want before they tattoo it permanently on their skin. The praying hands represented the hands of his brother that had been sent to work in the mines because his family didn’t afford to support two artists. It is also a sign of support towards someone who is passing through a depression or a difficult moment.

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