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Beyonce under her mother, Tina Knowles’ fashion label, House of Dereon has teamed up with airbrush makeup company Temptu to create a new limited edition line of temporary tattoos. Released earlier this month, there are three collectible variations of the tattoo kit ($16), each consisting of 8 Temporary Tattoo Transfer sheets (2 each of 4 designs) and 10 Tattoo application pads; cleverly packaged in what looks like a CD cover. Her eye makeup in this clip is fabulous, although I’m not sure how I feel about the platinum blond hair.

An international marketing veteran for the beauty industry, Lara is drawn to shiny objects, 80’s music, secondhand stores and koalas.
Join because trends, friends, giveaways, parties, happenings, backstage, frontstage, good people, good food, good wine. Temptu has also released a DELUXE EDITION ($34), which is composed of all three kits and a few added bonuses.

The tattoos in the video are the designs in the collection, however considerably re-sized and scaled down, so don’t anticipate coming out of this with a full sleeve of tattoos unless you plan to use them all at once.

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