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I found a cute Japanese nail art blog mitoca Nail the other day, and she has free printable nail decal data (don’t you just love the Internet??!!)! You can find four different designs here; simply click on the thumbnails to open bigger images, and right click to save. The decal paper I bought came in A4, so I cut them into post card sizes first (check your printer to see the accurate size required). Also, there are different types of decal papers available and some need to have clear varnish spray on before putting it into water. 4) When the polishes are completely dry, place the decals on nails (some decals apply differently, so please follow the instruction of your decal paper).
If you are a Seche Vite user, don’t use it directly below or above decals – use other brand’s top coat instead (otherwise decals peel off easily).
I am trying these amazing decals out on my youtube channel and I linked to your post for giving them to me!! Free printable back to school lunch box notes {disney, It is already time to think about back to school- especially if you are the type to plan ahead!
Free printable purim labels from moms and crafters, Purim is almost here and part of this holiday is sending mishloach manot or baskets filled with fruits and treats to friends and family.
1000+ ideas about butterfly template on pinterest, Tons of free printable worksheets and coloring pages more.
Free Printable Nail Art Stencils Articles and Pictures Free Printable Nail Art Stencils Its the season in which you switch your boots in favor of stylish sandals, sexy platforms and comfy flats. Easy Nail Stencils – Instructables This instructalbe will show you how to make stencils.
How to Make Fingernail Stencils Fingernail art adds an extra dimension to your fingernails and helps to beautify your overall.

4) If you are using decal papers that need to have clear varnish sprayed on before putting it into water, apply a thin coat of topcoat.
Hi I would love to try the decals, but my country has limited nailart stuff, like the decal paper.
I just love your tutorial, I’ve made my own but I find that the decal peels at the sides. Thanks Tanuki, my head is firmly attached to my head now :D And hope you give decal a go – I can imagine you rocking it!! Last week, I finally bought waterslide decal papers (from here) and couldn’t wait to try it on my nails. Yes, you heard it right.
There are clear and white decals, and it is much easier to use clear type because you don’t have to cut out the design accurately. It could be just me (haven’t done the head cleaning for a while), but it’s worth testing – I was really disappointed when my decal was printed out partly faded (see the black bow on my thumb?). I have actually been a secret admirer of her blog for some time now – her style is so chic isn’t it? Please request permission if you are interested in using anything that I share in this site. Sorry for the lack of new posts last week – I’ve been working like a headless chicken (I know, not an ideal way to work). You can slide and readjust the decal while it’s wet, so no need to rush – carefully push the air out with your fingers. I’m thinking Halloween theme, but not sure what sort of tone I should go for yet (ie, realistic or cartoon-ish).

I’d like to try making my own full nail wraps, like the jamberry ones, with white printable vinyl and digital scrap booking paper and template on Photoshop. I am looking for a template that I can populate with my own designs that would totally cover my nail, rather than small pieces. It doesn’t have to be A4 (I cut mine into postcard sizes anyway) but it HAS TO be decal paper.
But hey, I’m back, and back with the printable nail decal data and tutorial I promised you a while back!
And do you wait for the base coat to dry or keep it sticky so it has something to adhere to? As I explained in the tutorial, you can use Seche Vite on top of other brand’s top coat, but not directly below or above decals (otherwise decals peel off easily). You can use Seche Vite on top of other brand’s top coat, but not directly below or above decals (otherwise decals peel off easily). If your decal paper is A4 size, simply cut it to fit post card size (please check your printer’s setting for exact post card size).

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