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Professional software packages demand more of your computer’s processing power so your business will require a computer with a specific set of processing requirements. Adobe’s answer to professional video editing which can also be purchased independently or as part of one of Adobe’s Creative Suite bundles. Apple’s powerhouse professional video editing is known for making great professional footage. Sony’s professional video editing software offers a sophisticated feature set of video editing functionality. First released in 1989 on a Mac, it quickly rose to become one of the most popular professional video editing packages for broadcasters and studios. Magix is a German company who has designed a multi-award-winning professional video editing suite aimed at professional users. Professional video editing programs once exclusively used by major productions studios are now available, at a price, to consumers.

Also, I would recommend you take advantage of any free software trial periods on offer if you are convinced a professional package is the right step for your business. Adobe Premier Pro’s editing functionality has been used by broadcasters such as the BBC and is capable of supporting very high HD resolution rates required for films and high-end video.
As with other professional editing packages, Final Cut Pro can export video footage in a number of formats. For those on a budget, Sony Vegas Movie Studio is a toned down version targeting the consumer level. Avid has a great reputation in Hollywood with over 20 years development and use in the industry, and has many of the features you would expect for editing purposes.
The interface offers an optimized and customized workflow for perfectly designed for your video production.
These software packages do not come cheap, but do provide an opportunity to produce studio quality content, with a host of unprecedented features.

One of the great advantages of Adobe Premier Pro is its full integration with other Adobe products such as Illustrator, After Effects, and Photoshop.
The software has won praise from major broadcasters, and fi lm festival winners have used Vegas to edit their films. However, be prepared to invest sufficient training time if you want to get the most out of the video editing package.

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