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Sporting Puerto Rican tattoos is a method to show pride in your heritage.Puerto Ricans have lots a reasons to be happy with their stunning land. The Puerto Rican coat of arms may be a splendidly made style that has to be seen to be absolutely appreciated.
The Puerto Rican flag is an implausible supply of pride, and possibly the planning most frequently incorporated into Puerto Rican tattoos. Three red stripes that symbolize the blood shed within the name of the 3 branches of a democratic government.
The Puerto Rican population is basically Catholic, thus Christian image like cross tattoos, afraid Hearts and string of beads tattoos conjointly relish an explicit quality. The tribal art of the Taino Indians has become increasingly popular in the tattoo world the last few years, mostly because of its bold imagery. Taino Indians are indigenous to the Caribbean Islands, in the area of the Greater Antilles which is comprised of modern day Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

The western world caught its first glimpse of the Taino Indians around 1492 when Christopher Columbus grounded the Santa Maria somewhere close to modern day Dominican Republic. They’ve struggled through centuries of domination by larger world powers, however they need managed to stay their culture in consideration. The flag was originally designed once Puerto RICO Act gained it’s charter of autonomy when years of Spanish rule, however was quickly place to rest once Puerto RICO Act was virtually given to the u.
However, different religions like Santeria and Palo Mayombe also are mined for original tattoo styles. The arrival of the Spanish brought disease, slavery and rebellion by the Taino that reduced their populace from an estimated 50,000 to total extinction in less than 40 years. Instead they had a language called Arawakan, which consisted of petroglyphs, artistic symbols that were carved on rocks.
It's also the symbol of the island and together with the sun, the most popular Taino symbol.

Puerto Rican tat enthusiasts wish to categorical pride in their heritage through their body ink. This style is employed to its best advantage once inked as an oversized chest or back tattoo. However, you may be interested in having a little information about the Taino culture, history and meaning of their symbols to help you select a design that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also makes a statement you will be proud to wear. In order to stay in the good graces of their gods, the Taino would do rituals and serve them offerings of cassava bread, beverages and tobacco. The god Cohoba carries a plate with powder on his head that is used to incite hallucinations.

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