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Some of the contents of this seventh volume of BSI Archival History, taking the form here of occasional papers, were prepared originally as talks for annual dinners of The Five Orange Pips, who provided a suitable audience for historical discoveries for which the world was not prepared, or at any rate not yet complete to my satisfaction. This was particularly true of chapter four of this volume a€” for my money, the most interesting discovery about the BSIa€™s beginnings in some time. That meant doing it in a scant two months, over the holiday season, if it were to appear upon the January weekend. This volumea€™s title, a quotation from the chapter of The Valley of Fear entitled a€?Lodge 341, Vermissa,a€? seems appropriate to me for many reasons. I hope readers will enjoy these papers, and perhaps find them useful to research of their own as I continue with mine. As always, I owe thanks to many people and institutions for assistance and support in researching the contents of this collection, and helping me to prepare them for publication in two hurried months. Ray Betzner, Peter Blau, Steve Doyle, George Fletcher, Andy Fusco, Tim Johnson, Jerry Margolin, George McCormack, Julie McKuras, David Musto, Steve Rothman, Philip Shreffler, Paul Singleton, Dan Stashower, Bill Vande Water, and David Weiss helped provide information and materials for this book, and I appreciate their time, knowledge, efforts and generosity. Many libraries were also sources of information and primary source materials: The Library of Congress, the Free Library of Philadelphia, the New York Public Library, the Pentagon Library, the library of the Century Assoc-iation of New York, the University of Minnesota Librarya€™s Sherlock Holmes Collections, and the libraries of Georgetown and Yale Universities. The public records office of Bethel, Conn., and the registrara€™s office of New York University provided valuable, if confounding, data about Edgar W. Finally, my thanks to Sigerson and The Pips for their attention, encourage-ment, and discretion over the ten years that some chapters in this volume have been in making their public appearance. Toasts were important from the very start of Baker Street Irregularity, even before there was a BSI.
Elmer Davisa€™s Constitution & Buy Laws for the BSI, as noted, were published in Christopher Morleya€™s a€?Bowling Greena€? column in the Saturday Review of Literature of February 17, 1934. First, in Buy Law 1, after the words a€?an annual meeting shall be held on January 6th,a€? the words or thereabouts had been inserted. As for the term a€?Conanical,a€? this change was actually introduced at the 1940 BSI dinner, the one annual dinner in history attended by a Conan Doyle, to wit Denis. A few other changes in the 1944 Profile by Gaslight version of the Constitution & Buy-Laws were editorial, such as adding the words a€?of Literaturea€? to a€?Saturday Reviewa€? in Qualification B of Buy Law 3. More striking yet, the possibility of women in the BSI was quietly struck from this new appearance of the Buy Laws.
Seventeen thousand copies of Profile by Gaslight had been sold between 1944 and 1948, bringing public attention like never before to Sherlockiana and the BSI. The Constitution & Buy-Laws have been reprinted here and there at other times since then, usually muddling the matter further. In 1998 newly installed BSI management produced a fourth official version of the Constitution & Buy Laws, in a leaflet prepared by Ray Betzner (a€?The Agony Column,a€? 1987) for members of the public requesting information about the BSI. Restoration of a€?published in the Saturday Review of January 27th, 1934a€? (Betzner said a€?Saturday Review of Literature,a€? which is not as Elmer Davis wrote it, but oh well) still leaves us in violation of our Constitution & Buy Laws, for the toasts drunk at the official annual dinner are NOT those published in the Saturday Review on that date. The toasts missing from BSI annual dinners have, as much as the others, a€?their own overtones for all genuine Sherlockians,a€? as Christopher Morley put it in the Book of Genesis. The query about his identify was a€” as Bill Hall will tell you a€” the original, first, quickie, abbreviated examination for eligibility to membership in the pre-natal Baker Street club. 1 See Steven Rothmana€™s compendium of Sherlockian Morleyana, The Standard Doyle Company (Fordham University Press, 1990), pp. 4 See the dinner photograph in a€?Entertainment and Fantasya€?: The 1940 BSI Dinner, 1998a€™s BSJ Christmas Annual, pp.
5 More than a few correct solutions to the Sherlock Holmes Crossword, appearing in Morleya€™s column in the Saturday Review of Literature on May 19, 1934, as a membership exam for the BSI, had come from women.
6 Since that remark calls for explanation: the sole deficiency of Shrefflera€™s book was the absence of chronology as a vital Irregular discipline. IWC Schaffhausen celebrates 75th anniversary of the Portugieser at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) in Geneva The Watch Quote™ - January 28th, 2015 --> Geneva, 20 January 2015 – IWC Schaffhausen and around 800 prominent guests gathered to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the legendary Portugieser watch family at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) in Geneva. The demise of the Rocky Mountain News means the loss of an important voice in the theater dialogue in Denver. A newspaper serves as a vital partner in helping theater companies get word of their productions out to the public.
Discuss the impact of this loss might have on your own company, and what steps might you be taking to counter the additional challenges this will bring. Aurelia Thierree in "Aurelia's Oratorio," which was scheduled to be a featured attraction at the now shuttered 2009 Colorado Festival of World Theatre. After five years, the Colorado Festival of World Theatre has folded up its tents, done in by the poor economy. The fest, which brought luminaries such as Stephen Sondheim, Peter Shaffer and Shirley Jones to Colorado Springs, saw its initial annual budget of $1.2 million dwindle to about $610,000 since 2006. It was only a few short years ago that you and other visionary leaders of this community joined us in a venture that had the potential of creating something very special for the Pikes Peak region.
Each of the five seasons of the Festival has introduced something new and achieved a higher level of accomplishment.
Though this is a tough decision, made with sadness, we believe it is realistic and we make it with the knowledge and pride that for five seasons we have accomplished much. Pam Clifton and LuAnne Buckstein in the newly extended "That Woman Show" at the Avenue Theater. Palm Beach Dramaworks and Aspen Theater Masters debut their new-play development program, “New Bridges Fest,” March 8-9 in Aspen.
They will present Equity staged-readings of four new plays by emerging American playwrights. Participating playwrights include Jennifer Fawcett (playwright in residence at Curious Theatre in Denver), Naomi McDougall Jones (2005 Aspen High School winner), Josh Tobiessen and Jason Tremblay. Denver native John Paul Almon just joined the Las Vegas cast of "The Phantom of the Opera" at the Venetian Hotel. Denver Center Theatre Company alumna January LaVoy has been cast in the world premiere of the new musical “Coraline” at off-Broadway's MCC Theatre. From the press release: A musical like no other, “Coraline” sprang from the minds of three of the most wildly popular cult figures of our time.
For the Denver Center Theatre Company, the National Theatre Conservatory grad appeared in "A Streetcar Named Desire," "The Merchant of Venice," "Hamlet," "Lobby Hero" and "Cyrano de Bergerac." She currently plays Noelle Ortiz on “One Life to Live”. Also cast: Tony Award nominees Penny Fuller as Desiree and Mark Jacoby as Fredrick, with Sheila Smith as Madame Armfeldt, Stephen R. News of the day: The New Denver Civic has announced it will open "When We Were Fab" on April 30 … Theatre Company of Lafayette” reports that its two-evening offering of new plays about Darwin and Lincoln (“Separated at Birth”) has ended its run as the second-best selling show in the company’s 12-year history.

The night of double-entendre and can-can dancing is hosted by “Cora Vette,” who takes us back to a time when sex and scandal were all about corsets, tights and bawdy songs.
The all-new night show, “The Black Box Burlesque,” taps into the 1930-60 classic era of burlesque, when the art form was much more tease than strip. While it seems ‘crazy’ to start up a theatre in this economy, Von Vett and Baldwin point to the Great Depression and how burlesque was the one form of live entertainment that survived and thrived, even moving into the Times Square theater district of New York when "legitimate" theaters closed their shows.
Playing on the seeming insanity of their new venture, the show will open in March on Friday the 13th.
The Expo is targeted at anyone who wants to turn his or her creative pursuits into a successful business, or get more out of an existing creative business. On Saturday, March 21, the Denver Office of Cultural Affairs will present its fourth annual Create Denver Expo. The Create Denver Expo offers Denver’s creative community a “one-stop” opportunity to learn about the various City, non-profit and for-profit resources available to help grow and stabilize creative businesses. More than 50 organizations will be participating as exhibitors and workshop presenters at the Create Denver Expo. As the foreword below states, a breakthrough in regard to the chapter entitled a€?The Friendly Sons of St. It was broached to the Pips in 2001, but the smoking gun did not come to light until the final days of last October. It has been a rush; and for any betraying signs of that which escaped notice to survive in this volume, my apologies.
Conan Doyle, the founder of our feast, shed new light upon the schemes of the BSIa€™s hated rival on the Surrey shore, his badly-sprung offspring Adrian Conan Doyle.
I have left more or less untouched a personal aspect that was part of papers composed originally for the edification of The Pips, regarding the tribulations, triumphs, and stalemates of historical re-search. I benefited es-pecially from knowing the late Miriam a€?Deea€? Alexander and the late Ronald Mansbridge, to whom this volume is dedicated. They were reprinted unofficially in Anthony Bouchera€™s novel The Case of the Baker Street Irregulars in 1940, and then in January 1944 as one of Vincent Starretta€™s extremely rare a€?Sherlockianaa€? leaflets from the hand-press of his friend Edwin B. At the Pentagon where I spent many years, public statements are subjected to security review before release, and changes may be made for reasons of accuracy or of policy. A glance at Smitha€™s minutes for the 1944 BSI annual dinner, a few months before publication of this version of the Buy Laws, shows that these were the toasts drunk on that occasion.2 And no doubt it was also to spare readers the need to look up the old reference. It arises, you will recall, in Qualification A of Buy Law 3, about special meetings of the BSI.
Whata€™s more, the one to Colonel Sebastian Moran a€” decorated soldier, intrepid big-game hunter, superlative exec to the Napoleon of Crime, and high-tech assassin, in short the sort of man whose abilities are appreciated where I used to work a€” did reflect a very special role in the making of Baker Street Irregularity. When, in the course of luncheon at Christ Cellaa€™s or elsewhere, some acquaintance would hear about the Sherlock Holmes society and ask how to get in, he would be asked a€?Who was the Second Most Dangerous Man in London?a€? If he could answer that one, he might get asked others if anybody present wanted to ask them.
I move the restoration of the original and true text to all future official appearances of the BSIa€™s Constitution & Buy Laws, and also restoration of the missing Constitutional Toasts to the official annual dinners in January.
They were named as solvers in subsequent issues, and one or two were even cozened by Morley, but none of them were admitted to the BSI. He omitted same because he was unaware, he told me, of any treatment of suitable length demonstrating the art and science of canonical chronologinalysis. Guests and brand ambassadors who attended the gala evening included movie stars Emily Blunt, Christoph Waltz, Zhou Xun and Moritz Bleibtreu, filmmmaker and screenwriter Marc Forster, sports personalities such as Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg and Luis Figo, supermodels Adriana Lima and Karolina Kurkova and musicians Aloe Blacc, Ronan Keating and Mick Hucknall. Foote, who movingly portrayed the broken dreams of common people in "The Trip to Bountiful," "Tender Mercies" and his Oscar-winning screen adaptation of "To Kill a Mockingbird," died Wednesday in Connecticut, while preparing a production for next fall at the nonprofit theater. Two plays will be presented at each reading, followed by post-show discussions with the playwrights, who are winners of past Theater Masters' competitions. Also cast are Juilian Fleisher, Francis Jue, Elliot Villar, William Youmans, Jayne Houdyshell and David Greenspan. The original production played for 601 performances on Broadway and was the recipient of six 1973 Tony Awards.
Reyna Von Vett presents “Leadville or Bust” early evenings at the New Denver Civic’s cabaret theater, before turning things over (most nights) to Burlesque As It Was, the iconic company established in Denver a decade ago by Vivienne VaVoom (Michelle Baldwin). The show features classic samples of the fan dance, screen dance and the balloon-pop number. Historically, burlesque shows were a place to have a laugh, see a pretty girl and forget your troubles, and the "Black Box Burlesque" will follow that tradition, by providing an experience filled with frivolity and fun in a top-notch theater experience. Von Vett figures that they’ve already got so much working against them with the financial state of the nation, starting up on an unlucky date will hopefully have the opposite effect and bring in, rather than chase away audiences. Vitus,a€? about what Elmer Davis based his BSI Constitution & Buy Laws upon, prompted me to put it together hastily for the BSIa€™s 75th anniversary, in large part out of past papers for Five Orange Pips dinners. Once that item was in hand (appropriately enough, the day of the Pipsa€™ dinner), I decided to put together this volume to mark the 75th anniversary of the Baker Street Irregulars.
As others know, the way is generally long, usually difficult, often frus-trating, and occasionally bitter.
Frank Houdek and Tim Spencer of E Clampus Vitus kindly disclosed some secrets of their Lodge to me, and I hope are not compromised by this grateful acknowledgment. The BSIa€™s Buy Laws have been amended many times over the years, usually unremarked by the membership (seen but not observed, Sherlock Holmes might say), and only one of those times seems to have had even a semblance of procedural legitimacy. Smitha€™s minutes of that night say: a€?The first order of business under the Constitution was the drinking of the canonical toasts. This was his first BSI dinner, and he was some distance down the table from its head.4 As his own minutes say, a€?Mr.
The so-called deluxe edition of the book, whose 1500 copies more than sufficed to satisfy the market for it, contained a a€?Note on the Baker Street Irregularsa€? by Edgar W. Qualification A begins: a€?If said two [members] are of the opposite sexes, they shall use care in selecting the place of the meeting,a€? and so on.
Smith backing up what I am about to suggest, but my surmise is that the BSI heard from many people wishing to join after reading Profile by Gaslight, and that quite a few of them were women.5 And that reference to the opposite sex in the BSI was quietly eliminated from the next public appearance of the Buy Laws as a result. Baring-Gould (a€?The a€?Gloria Scott,a€™a€? 1952) gave a faulty version to the public in an introductory chapter to The Annotated Sherlock Holmes a€” unofficial, but broadcast very widely over the years that followed. It was an attractive product, that leaflet, and doubtless an improvement on the response to public inquiry under the previous rather testy regime. See chapter 6, a€?The Sherlock Holmes Crossword,a€? in Irregular Memories of the a€™Thirties.
The latter was responsible for the evening’s musical highlights after Marco Tempest had transported the guests to the infinite depths of the universe through his high-tech animations.

The acting ensemble includes John Archie and Kim Ehly from Florida, Chinai Hardy from New York, Peggy Mundinger from Aspen, Matthew Mueller from Denver and Josh Robinson from Boulder.
It was dedicated a€?In memory of Dee Alexander and Ronald Mansbridge, two treasured correspondents who were there.a€? Miriam a€?Deea€? Alexander had been Edgar W. As we proceed, pray ask yourself at strategic intervals whether any of these amendments were for the better or not. The first official publication occurred ten years after the original appearance of the Constitution & Buy Laws, in Edgar W. Revision of this Constitutional requirement was, however, adopted, viva voce, and amendment to the Constitution hereby imposed, in that it is required hereafter that the toast shall not be canonical but Conanical.a€?3 This was intended as a salute to that nighta€™s prickly visitor and his dear dead Daddy, for all the good it did subsequent relations between the BSI and the Conan Doyle Estate. Watsona€™s Second Wife.a€? In short, half the Constitutionally mandated toasts were ignored at that dinner, the first in four years, and one of the toasts proposed was altered in meaning as well as wording. Qualification B alludes to said members being excused from the strictures of Qualification A if they are clients of the Personal Column of the Saturday Review. He seems to have taken his version of the Buy Laws from Vincent Starretta€™s new chapter about the BSI in the revised edition (University of Chicago Press, 1960) of The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes. But by now you should not be surprised to hear that it perpetuated this irregular tradition of tampering with what should be Sacred Writ. Hence the membership of people like Don Marquis, Frank Henry, Bucky Fuller and other friends of Chris Morleya€™s who couldna€™t be annoyed with studying the Sacred Writings.
Watsona€™s Secreta€? by none other than Christopher Morley, in his collection of essays Streamlines (Doubleday, Doran, 1936), so we live in hope of a second edition of Shrefflera€™s book, not only containing Morleya€™s essay but correcting the first editiona€™s faulty version of Elmer Davisa€™s Buy Laws. The theme of the event was “Journey to the Stars” and the entire evening was devoted to the secrets of measuring time and the complex mechanism of the Portugieser, the most prestigious watch family from IWC Schaffhausen.
Bang." as a benefit for PHAMALy, part of its continuing series of performances specifically dedicated to help out fellow companies.
Smitha€™s second Irregular Secretary at GM Overseas Operations during 1949-49, and in her old age had a memory for detail about her boss, his family, and his Irregular friends that was remarkable.
Rich, editors emeritus extraordinaire, proofread it for me, but under the same pressure of time, and any errors that survive in this volume were made by me.
Nicholas Utechin commissioned a€?The BSI at Seventya€? for the Sherlock Holmes Journal in 2003, and Roger Johnson, his successor as editor, urged its inclusion here. Morley always had a casual, not to say cavalier attitude toward these things, since he considered the BSI his personal property and plaything, to do with, or to do nothing with, as he pleased.
This appearance referred to canonical toasts which shall be drunk, without identifying them in either Buy Law 1 or a footnote. As a matter of fact, by God, I doubt like hell if Bill Hall could ever have passed a really probing quiz in those early days.
For 75 years, the Portugieser line has represented the epitome of precision and the art of watchmaking at its most complex.
Last year, many of our supporters agreed to multi-year funding, and the last two years we finished in the black. I hope its revelations about the BSIa€™s beginnings and early years will compensate for its faults. First, the four toasts previously provided by footnote in Profile by Gaslight were now moved, with undue and illegitimate formality, into the body of Buy Law 1.
Then Baring-Goulda€™s version of Buy Law 3 split the difference between the 1944 and 1948 official appearances by retaining Qualification A but omitting Qualification B. His defense, when threatened with inquiry, was to roar (and I use the word deliberately a€” ROAR), a€?Dona€™t put me to the question!a€? Ask him and dare him, for me, to deny it. Ronald Mansbridge (a€?A Case of Identity,a€? BSI) when he died in September 2004 was closing in on his 101th birthday which would have occurred on November 11th that year.
Central Intelligence Agency, in my experience the one unfailingly reliable part of that peculiar institution. And even if so, it is the only change to the Buy Laws we shall consider of which that could possibly be said. Seventeen years after Baring-Gould, Philip Shreffler (a€?Jefferson Hope,a€? 1974), in his otherwise near-perfect anthology The Baker Street Reader (Greenwood Press, 1984),6 unwittingly passed along this faulty Starrett version of the Buy Laws to another generation of readers. Starrett remarked in 1960 that a€?our constitution and buy laws, written by Elmer Davis, is a unique document that readers may care to see in full,a€? but that has long been a damn sight harder than it ought to be. With the 75th anniversary of the Portugieser, we are celebrating the birthday of a genuine icon.” Star-studded night with simply red frontman Multimedia magician Marco Tempest opened the “Journey to the Stars” extravaganza with a poetic high-tech performance in which magic and computer graphics melted into one another and reflected the infinite nature of the universe. At the time of his death Ronald was the sole living survivor of the last BSI annual dinner at Christ Cellaa€™s old speakeasy in 1936, and the first Murray Hill Hotel dinner in 1940. To hold time in your hand, and measure its passing with infinite precision.” Beijing’s Red Poppy Ladies Percussion, who flew in from China especially for this event, have enjoyed international fame since their appearance at the Olympic Games. For the IWC event, the artists were transported into the arena by black-clad “time agents” on Segways, where they proceeded to give a scintillatingly choreographed performance that reproduced the heartbeat of a watch movement. The Japanese dance troupe Enra, whose members draw on their skills and training in kung fu, classical ballet and animation dancing, performed against a background of strobes and stardust to symbolize the perfection of the art of watchmaking.
However, the evening’s standout performance came from Simply Red frontman Mick Hucknall, who sang a number of songs that enraptured his audience, including his band’s famous 1991 hit “Something Got Me Started”.
I have yet again experienced a fantastic event with IWC and am happy to be a part of the Portugieser 75th anniversary celebrations,” said two-time Academy Award winner Christoph Waltz.
The gala evening was perfectly rounded off by the appearance of SaintTropez legend DJ Jack E, who treated guests to the latest hits from the international party scene. Haute horlogerie in 3-d at the booth Guests of honour and brand ambassadors had the chance to experience IWC’s outstanding watchmaking skills and innovative production technologies in advance of the gala evening when Georges Kern offered them a tour of the IWC Schaffhausen booth. The main attention-grabber was a gigantic 3-D watch case from the latest Portugieser generation. Projections of various movements, dial colours and case colours gave the model an endless series of new faces, while a direct connection to the Internet enabled it to display the current time. IWC CEO Georges Kern personally gave the brand ambassadors a view of the collection and explained new models such as the Portugieser Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month Edition “75th Anniversary” (Ref. Other models that were especially well-received included the newly developed Annual Calendar (Ref. 5035), which shows the month, date and day in three separate, semicircular windows at “12 o’clock”, and the Portugieser HandWound Eight Days Edition “75th Anniversary” (Ref.

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