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Some people always remain afraid of losing people but the question arises that is there anyone in the world who is afraid of losing them?
Everyone predicts that the worse pain is to lose the loved ones but most importantly the reality is that losing yourself in loving someone is more painful. Why not add a link to this site to your sympathy letter - it will be a comforting resource for your friend or loved one in their grief?
If you are in a hurry, you can also send a free sympathy ecard with the added comfort of a link to this site - a healing hug in times of grief and loss.
Our free downloadable and printable document "The 10 Most Important Things You Can Do To Survive Your Grief And Get On With Life" will help you to be positive day to day.
Best Sympathy Gifts to Express CondolencesOur choice of the best sympathy gifts to show you care. Best Ways to Gift Memorial Trees for Loved OnesWhether you are sending memorial trees for loved ones to plant or buying a tree yourself we bring you the best choices. 21 Comforting Loss of a Pet QuotesUse these loss of a pet quotes in sympathy cards or just for comfort when grieving for your beloved animal.
Check out our range of Thank You, Sympathy and Blank Cards and Support our Site.  All cards are customizable! 1) Only an older BROTHER can love like a FATHER, annoy like a SISTER, care for like a MOTHER and support like a FRIEND. 4) The bond between a sister and brother is like the umbilical cord between a mother and a child – invisible yet omnipresent.
5) Thanks for giving your LITTLE sister BIG bundles of advice which helped her take the LITTLE steps towards BIG goals in life. 6) Thanks for always being the perfect older brother who is protective without being suffocative, liberal without being careless and watchful without being stifling. 9) I had never imagined that the brother on whom I once so mad, would be the same brother I would feel blessed to have had.
10) With you around, even the blues take beautiful hues and the grays are turned into bright rays.
11) From saying I Hate You during childhood to I Miss You during college to Thank You right now – we both have come a long way. 12) The memories of my childhood would have been a dark night if it weren’t for a brother like you – the sun that lit up my life. 14) I have never felt the need to ask for your help, because you have always been there before I even had to ask.
15) The best part of having a brother like you is that I have never feared losing a best friend.
16) Spending childhood with an elder brother is the best practice you can get to master the sport called Life.

17) You stood up tall to defend me and walked with your head high to set a perfect example for me. 18) You are the reason my childhood has been special, teenage memorable, grown-up years unforgettable and my whole life remarkable. 19) When God gave me you for a brother, little did He know that He was giving me the whole world.
20) Walls of marble, pillars of granite or slabs of stone cannot be as strong as my brother.
21) Our relationship is like a Facebook page which I will always LIKE and FOLLOW even if no one TAGS me in posts and photos. 22) Like the foundation on which a building stands strong, you and I are meant to be stuck together for long. 23) The beauty of having a little brother is that he will always protect his sister even if he is half her size. 26) From the foosball table to the basketball court to the playground of life – you have always taught me how to score well. 28) I fearlessly chased all my BIG dreams knowing that my BIG brother will always look out for me. 29) When we were children I always thought of you as the guy who would nab every opportunity to get me into trouble.
30) My younger brother is the only person with whom I could switch between saying I Love You and I Hate You without a care in the world.
32) Dear brother, thanks for always seeing troubles come my way much before I could see them. 33) I never count my blessings because with a brother like you, I have already received more love than most people get in a lifetime. 34) I never knew the meaning of unconditional support until you picked me up even when I was wrong – again and again until I started doing the right things in life. 35) Brothers and sisters are foes turned friends, united to fight against one common enemy – parents.
Among the battles that a person encounters alone, one is the sadness of losing a loved one. These quotes propose that the person who loves you does not leave you instead h stays around you. I am devastated for you and Tom, your Mum, Martin, the grand kids and the countless people who your Dad made friends with over the years. I never met your Dad, but know how wonderful and supportive he was to you over the years and can only start to imagine what you are feeling now.
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I will never be able to be a BIG bro to you but the least I can do is start by saying a BIG Thank You to you.
But as the years went by I realized that you have always been the guy who would never lose an opportunity to help me get out of trouble.
I have been thinking of you all day today and have found myself telling countless people at work about how sad I am for you and how sudden this has all been.If things were different I would love to be able to jump on the next flight to hold your hand and give you a hug. I'm sure that John and Mary must have adored their Grandpa and it will be hard for all of you to adjust to life without Charlie around.
It is inevitable that one day you have to lose some relations either by leaving them or through the natural death. So many of our family and friends  have experienced the loss of a loved one this past year.
Your parents found their new life in Australia and lived the last years of his life in contentment there, surrounded by family. It is a help that your Dad didn't suffer but such a terrible shock that will take forever to heal.
We always think of him as larger-than-life and such a warm, generous, funny and lovely friend to us. The ironic part of a relationship between two brothers or the one between a brother and a sister is that the value of having a brother isn’t realized until when people grow up and get on with their own lives. Bible verses, inspirational thoughts and favorite sayings can be a source of comfort to others. As you say your Dad had a wonderful life and you can celebrate that luckily you are managing to feel that way. No matter how much you fight, no matter what your differences, there is nothing that can come close to the unspoken love and support of a brother. AND best of all he did not suffer a long illness.Make sure you find time to grieve and allow yourself to do so - and don't expect it to pass quickly. Feel free to share your favorite quote or send these to someone who may need a boost today. I didn't fully recover from that for at least two years - and made some very strange decisions and acted out of character for much of that time.I wish I could be with you to try to help somehow.

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