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If you answered “I am not sure” to any of these questions then what are you doing to give your company its unfair advantage? I was speaking today about this (quote) with an ex colleague of mine from one of the big 4 banks, on how much a difference a good leader makes to your day to day working life.
What our customers value of the goods and services we offer will inevitably change over time. It means continual attention to the conversations we have with our customers, focusing on their needs and priorities and what motivates them to buy from our companies. 1)     Never walk into a your first team meeting and feel like you have to set a benchmark then and there as being a hard nosed, aggressive sales manager that wont take any shit and wants immediate results. Always give praise where it is due, and never double barrel the praise with a ‘feedback sandwich’. Apart from 1 to 1 sales coaching, allow your team members time to do some professional development. Dedication, persistence and believing that your product or service is genuinely needed by your customer. Being persistent in a polite way shows that you actually believe in the product or service enough to continue to develop the sales process further. If we all started out thinking that we have 12 calls to make to close this sale, achieving 5 is amazing.
I am the firmest believer that when a salesperson actually believes in their product or service it helps deliver a truly authentic pitch. As a customer you want to hear the passion in their voice, the fact that they recommend the product or service  personally, and furthermore either own one or have a view to own one in the future.
For the majority of sales people, prospecting and qualifying have always been the least favorite aspects of their jobs. In the blinkered rush, most sales people, with a new prospect, look purely for a quick sale and qualifying is often skimmed over. Qualifying a prospect will make sure that you are not discussing a beautiful Harley Davidson, when the prospect doesn’t have a motorbike licence, and really just looking for a second hand scooter for their son or daughter.
You may be the best closer in the industry, have the gift of the gab, or know exactly when the customer is ready to buy, but without a prospect in front of you, and a steady pipeline for you to work with, all those sales development assets are useless. How can sales professionals qualify and select the right prospects with whom to spend their valuable time? Qualifying a prospect does not guarantee you are going to get the sale, but it does guarantee that you will be more effective with your product or service placement. Our Sales Experience is a team of professionals with a passion for delivering excellent customer service. We have a diverse range of industry experience but any good salesperson will tell you, the process is inherently the same for any product or service. We want to inspire customer facing people to be passionate about the brand they work for and the products or services they sell.

We are an end to end sales & service company that helps small and medium sized businesses engage better with their customers at varying touch points.
We have developed a winning process or guideline, that is not as generic as you will find reading sales handbooks. Our PromiseIf we both decide to work together, we will add value to your business in more ways than just through selling your product or service.
A mediocre idea that generates enthusiasm will go further than a great idea that inspires no one. As much as people are griping about the Internet taking sales away from artists, it’s been a huge promotional tool for me. For small business people, less paperwork means higher profits, boosted sales and more time with the family. If we do not keep at least a small step in front or in step with our customers, then we become irrelevant and your competitors end up winning.
Take some time to sit down and impart some invaluable best practice sharing and wider market knowledge.
This may include, audio book work, sales professional book reading, training courses; whatever they feel is best.
Taking yourself out of the sales person shoes, and into the mind of the customer; would you ever buy a product or service that the person selling it to you didn’t believe in? Never forget, the service delivered today will be generating the income for tomorrow. Please follow this link to see how to become a Sales Star in 5 simple steps. Salespeople end up spending time with the wrong people, upsetting a prospect and negatively impacting the effectiveness of the discussion, wasting both theirs and the prospects time.
I would recommend thinking like a physician, and asking questions to diagnose your customers situation. It builds an external profile, for example, size of company, industry, number of employees, structure, mission & what the company is about. We want to lead from the front and bring our passion for business, and our passion for people to help your business deliver a memorable experience over several sales channels.
We will be taking on your brand name, researching your products or (and) services and coming with you or working alongside you to deliver the “hands on approach” we promised.
By touch points I mean on email or phone, in store, anywhere that you interact with your customer other than online. It is a bespoke product which incorporates a lengthy and hugely successful sales & customer service experience history, centering on your customer and their needs. You need goals plus deadlines: goals big enough to get excited about and deadline to make you run.

From a subordinate point of view, the feedback sandwich (in my career history) did not work unless my line was truly trying to deliver a very difficult message, although most of the time I knew that message was coming anyway.
Thus helping you to visualise how your products and services could fit. Although there is only so much researching your customers external profile can do for you and your ability to forge a new and lasting relationship with the prospect. The whole ‘you are amazing, you are not amazing, by the way, you are amazing’ always left me walking away thinking, huh? It helped change my tone and my language (body and verbal), as well as instilling a real respect for him and the work that he did. There is nothing more frustrating (when you are doing well) than sitting in a meeting where the whole team is getting the hairdryer treatment for another poor week, when the last 2 months you have seen the vast majority not out of the office. These professionals are offering genuine expert advice, and yes, whilst this is from the perspective of 1 expert at a time, there just may be something in that book that connects with them. What makes a physician’s repertoire of questions so valuable is that it helps you focus on being able to get to the heart of the issue very quickly.
In my most recent experience of this, our team were number 1 in the UK & Ireland, and had been for 2 years. If someone has been amazing, drag them into the room, high five them, give them a hug (is that still PC?), whatever you feel is appropriate, smile and say ‘wow, amazing, keep it going, ‘cos you are HOT HOT’.
I was even prouder when he overheard one of my sales calls, and using some of his language he came over, patted me on the back and said, “mate, awesome”. It may also help them understand some part of the sales process better, and whilst there may never be the “magic pill of sales stardom”, it will build confidence and push them to test the new knowledge on customers. Let us know and we will come up with a professional service that can help you develop your sales channels. Our previous Senior Exec moved up to a more senior role, and our new Senior Exec wanted to leave his mark from day 1. He genuinely loved that I had listened to him well enough to mimic what I thought I could deliver when I spoke to a customer.
Within 12 months, 4 team members had left (including myself) and the team was 3rd from bottom of the 64 Commercial Centres across UK & Ireland. In my 19+ years of Sales & Business Development, I have never seen a team combust like that before.

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