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Love is a blessing, a feeling, a cure and a beautiful thing that fills the life of a person with different colors like rainbow which makes the sky look mesmerizing. You may find people around you wearing a cute smile on their faces for no reason, try asking them the reason why? This article though is for that special girl in your life for whom you have this warmth,care,affection and above all so much love.
So if you have this passionate love for your girl, try one of these magical love quotes for her to win her heart all over again.

Love does not recognize any physical boundaries and it does not restrict itself to time and space.
Your love could be for anyone, from parents to your siblings, from your best friend to a number of other friends, it could be for some object is well. The purest or the most divine form of love is the love for God, which makes you humble, tolerant,forgiving and polite. You will find some beautiful and romantic love quotes for her in this article which will aid you in refreshing your relationship with her. You can express your love silently through actions or gesture but be sure that a girl loves it when you express your love in words (oral or written).

The phenomenon called love is so special that it makes you care, respect, makes you feel young, and brings positive changes in your attitude.

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