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Tattoos are an important part of the goth look – representing that special kind of subculture that developed simultaneously in Europe and the United States in the 1980s as a reaction against the colorful disco era. To conclude: gothic tattoos are extremely varied because they reflect the various interests of people who see themselves as part of the goth culture and lifestyle. Contrary to what some people think, goths are not morbidly fascinated with death or the occult – but they do tend to be highly creative, artistic people with a strong intellectual bent.

Though many different designs could be considered goth, gothic tattoos form a category all their own. People who are part of goth culture have very eclectic and imaginative tastes and interests, a fact that is fully reflected in their tattoos. They are ancient religions that were practiced before Christianity, and then they had to go underground.

A certain style of body modification complements this style: tattoos are one part, but other body art such as piercings are just as characteristic.

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