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If you can't give credits or want wav files you can buy the Pro License for this track.You will also get a license certificate. Use these sprightly string quartets, dramatic symphonies and dignified baroque ensembles when you need substance and authority.
Moderate: A hypnotic piano ostinato contrasts with archingly expressive cello phrases which together create a somnolent, deep-relaxing acoustic background.
Up-Tempo: Light and lively, a spirited dance of classical sophistication, with tasteful flourishes and bright sprightly phrases.
Up-Tempo: Light gaiety and a freshly refined persona characterize this concerto style of light baroque.

Moderate: Graceful, elegant and precise, this performance makes a moving, yet refined musical statement.
Up-Tempo: Creating a unique atmosphere, this vocal fugue evokes a dignified, yet slightly festive ambience as beautifully smooth lines alternate with staccato passages. Up-Tempo: This epic film score featuring an insistently driving instrumental motif presses forward through an incessantly throbbing dramatic struggle to an expansive and triumphant finale.
Up-Tempo: Refinement and attention to detail are hallmarks of this graceful and elegant style of classical music. Laptop ComputerLaptop Computer3d Audio Speaker Emerging from a Laptop Computer Screen Computer Mouse Wired to Headphones Cartoon College Boy Using a Laptop - Coloring Page Outline 3d Technology Icons 3d Microphone Emerging from a Laptop Screen Looking for something else?

It's dignified enough for funeral scenes, important turning points and the crowning of royalty. It's uplifting strings are perfect for driving, mountain climbing and the end of a challenging journey. Our photographs have all been released into the public domain, which means you can use them for any purpose.

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