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Road Royalty is for custom auto enthusiasts who want to see how their vehicle compares against other vehicles by car combat or just by people rating their vehicle profile. Your vehicle profile is based off a 1-10 scale which other members can view your profile and rate your vehicles, which can make your overall rating either go up or down, so you want to make your profile look as best as possible. Queen Elizabeth II greets members of the House of Lords for the State Opening of Parliament in London, England. The Rating is calculated based on a real time scale out of hundred, hundred being the best possible rating and zero being the worst. If you think that your ride is better than someone elsea€™s you have the opportunity to prove it.
You can share all the specific details of your ride-the horsepower, engine, specs, suspension specifics, paint job, stereo details and anything else you wish to share.

See more pictures of royalty in the following photos, starting with early European monarchs.
This allows people the opportunity to showcase the time and effort spent on their vehicle with hopes of others thinking that they have one mean street machine. You can increase your rating standings by car combat challenges made, car combat wins and higher vehicle profile rating, you can decrease your rating standing by car combat challenges declined, car combat losses and low vehicle profile rating.
You can prove it by challenging a member to a car combat by clicking on the "Challenge to Car Combat" in the member's vehicle profile. You can include hundreds of pictures and videos, write your own vehicle blog, view your guestbook comments, become friends with other members and more.
The site also offers a classified page were members can sell their vehicles, a forum were members can ask questions and discuss topics, and a blog to keep up with the latest developments.

The member will get a notification on their account and if they accept then the car combat begins. Your vehicle profile plays a big role in your Road Royalty rating standings, so make sure to make yours stand out from the rest. Everybody can access this website, all you have to do is sign up and create a free profile account which gives you access to add up to three vehicles to your showroom.
Once the two-day (48hrs) car combat begins, every member can vote which profile they like best.

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