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Spiced Rum brand Sailor Jerry’s is opening a new multi-functional venue is Soho, London, on Thursday 19 April. The multifarious venue, called ‘Hotel Street’ after the eponymous and infamous district in Honolulu, will double as art gallery and shop by day, and “dive bar” by night. Hotel Street is designed to pay homage to Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins, father of the old-school American tattoo style, and all round mischief-maker.
The shop will offer Sailor Jerry clothing and accessories, including T-shirts, jackets, hoodies and belt buckles, as well as elements from the new Hawaiian range. After dark, the venue will become a bar, offering a range of rum cocktails, such as various types of Mules, Daiquiris, Mojitos as well as weekly specials, available from 12pm to 12am, Tuesdays – Sundays.
Every week, Hotel Street will also double (or triple?) as a gig venue for rock ‘n’ roll and punk bands. This entry was posted on Wednesday, April 11th, 2012 at 5:11 pmand is filed under Headline. Note: Many of our articles have direct quotes from sources you can cite, within the Wikipedia article!
Norman Keith Collins (January 14, 1911 - June 12, 1973) was a prominent American tattoo artist who was also known as "Sailor Jerry".
Collins entrusted his artwork to his two proteges, Ed Hardy and Mike Malone, both of whom have become prominent figures in their own right.
Norman Collins is buried in the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, a military cemetery located in Punchbowl Crater in Honolulu.
In 1999, Hardy and Malone partnered with a small independent Philadelphia clothing company to establish Sailor Jerry Ltd., which produces clothing and an idiosyncratic collection of other items, such as ash trays, high-top sneakers, playing cards, church keys and shot glasses. In 2002, Converse licensed many tattoo artworks from Sailor Jerry to print onto their Hi-Top, Oxford, & SkidGrip Deck shoes. After his death, friends found the recipe to a spiced rum in Norman Collin's belongings, which later became the base that created Sailor Jerry Rum. Essentially anything that can be used as a symbol of what Collins would have called “Man’s demise” can be incorporated into a Jerry-styled tattoo.
Sailor Jerry's last studio was in Honolulu's Chinatown, then the only place on the island where tattoo studios were located.
The text of the above Wikipedia article is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.
The gallery will house 75 originals shown for the first time in Europe, and curated by the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum founder and tattooist Henk Schiffmacher.
You can download and obtain this oustanding wallpaper that we served by click the download button below to get our high definition versions. Not only the best rum on the high seas, but some brilliant inspiration for some of the coolest naval tatts around.

As a child, he hopped freight trains across the country and learned tattooing from a man named Tatts Thomas, who is credited for showing him how to use tattoo machines. It was during his subsequent travels at sea when he was exposed to the art and imagery of Southeast Asia. He played saxophone in his own dance band and for years, frequently hosted his own radio show on KTRG, where he lectured against the impending (as he saw it) downfall of the American political system by infiltration of liberals. Hardy, who turned down an MFT scholarship to Yale in order to pursue tattooing, is known for his artistic sophistication and large-scale tattoos.
An anti-sweatshop company, nearly all Sailor Jerry items are produced in the United States and sold via the company’s web site or from the Sailor Jerry Store at 116 S.
Sailor Jerry Rum got its influence from Sailors who frequently traveled around the world collecting barrels of rum from the Caribbean for the shipmen to drink during their travels. The overall message most of the time is that you cannot win for losing, nothing is going to go your way, and, of course, hard times have shaped you and made you hard – and hard to deal with for man or woman. He created needle formations that embedded pigment with much less trauma to the skin, and he was one of the first to utilize single-use needles and hospital-quality sterilization.
You don’t have to be a sailor to appreciate a great sea tattoo, just as you don’t have to be enamored of the rum either! He was a prolific writer and carried on in-depth communications with many pen-pals throughout the world. Malone, who also designs under the name "Rollo Banks", is known for his conceptual boldness and distinctive designs. 13th Street in Philadelphia, which frequently plays host to performances by independent musicians. As the rum was of very cheap quality at the time, they would frequently pick up spices and flavors from the Far East and Asia to throw into the barrels to infuse a flavor much more enjoyable for the sailors to drink. His attention to detail was so precise that the depiction of rigging in his nautical tattoos was said to be perfectly accurate. His work was so widely copied, he took to printing "The Original Sailor Jerry" on his business cards. These fun designs are great for people after that quirky sailor tatt look.These tattoos are pretty amazing, and you will find that they are traditional and quite happy.
A big brute with a dirty mouth, he often wore plain white T-shirts that exposed his ink-sleeved arms.
Even during his career as a tattoo artist, he worked as a licensed skipper of a large three-masted schooner, on which he conducted tours of the Hawaiian islands.
It is based on the kind of rums that sailors used to create by infusing on-board stocks of rum with spices. Artistically, his influence stems from his union of the roguish attitude of the American sailor with the mysticism and technical prowess of the Far East.

They represent everything that sailors have to deal with, and it helps when the attention to detail and colors are authentic.A Bit of a Navy FlashbackThis tattoo is a perfect representation of a sailor jerry tattoo, and it is of beautiful colors. The company also showcases rising talents with its "Artist Series", which it describes as a way to "keep Sailor Jerry’s legacy alive and kicking". He took the bold line style of tattooing and incorporated what he learned from his correspondences with the Japanese masters, known as Horis. He brought this style to the Sailor Jerry Tattoo parlor he opened on Hotel Street in Honolulu. Seeing mermaids means that you are missing the women back home, and any navy man can understand that little desire. It shows that there are many things that show up in a sailor’s life, and booze, duty, and women show up in it. It is said that you can see the birds and follow them to land, but this sailor wanted to follow them to a beautiful and happy woman waiting for the women on the shore.
Their duty is clearly outlined with the anchor in the background, but it anchors them to their life as well.
This means that this sailor thought often of home, and the beautiful design is common in all sailor jerry tattoos. Of course, the beauty in the waves is unmistakable, and truly it may have carried him home.Personal TemptationThis tattoo shoes that personal temptation is waiting for this sailor as soon as he gets home, as someone named Bianca is waiting for him.
It’s a beautiful tattoo that probably is much like the likeness of the beauty that is waiting there for him. Its simplicity speaks volumes, and it supposed to help the sailor wait until he gets home, keeping him motivated.Pick Your PoisonThis tattoo is certainly a sailor jerry tattoo, shown its design and coloring, but it is one of the much more playful ones. Honor and duty above all else when in the navy, but you will find that some, such as this one want to have a little more fun with what poison they choose and warn themselves against. Though, many would doubt he stayed away from it.Living FreeLiving free is extremely important to any navy man, and that is the exact reason that they go to fight for their freedom in the first place. This is because living free is something that is important, and it has to be brought to you on the wings of freedom, and this sailor jerry tattoo does just that. You will find that this beautiful sailor jerry tattoo is of the same design and colors as the others.

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