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You'll simply describe what you want and one of our talented tattoo artists will sketch out the idea for you (also providing design advice and creative input, and answering any questions you may have).
We've been in the custom tattoo design business for about six years now, and we've created thousands of custom tattoos for our clients. We also offer you a cheaper, risk-free option to order just a concept sketch -- if you like it and want to continue developing your design with your artist, that cost will be deducted from your cost for the complete design package. It depends on how complicated your design is to create, how much detail is involved, and how many revisions are needed to produce the final result.
Your files will be high-quality .PDF files and will be set to print at the actual size of your tattoo. Your complete design package quote includes up to two (2) major revisions after the initial concept sketch.
If you purchase a concept sketch only, you will not receive additional revisions unless you want to continue working with your artist by purchasing a complete package. Your finished design will be sent to you via email, ready for printing, as soon as your artist has completed it.
All samples on this page and all designs provided through this online service are for personal use only. Many thanks to everyone who blogged, tweeted, or sent up smoke signals to tell the world about our Top 10 fonts of 2010. When we interviewed designer Hubert Jocham in November, he introduced his sans-serif NewJune on MyFonts for the occasion. Skolar is a spirited new text family from Czech-born David Březina, a graduate from the Typeface Design MA program in Reading. Uni Sans by Bulgarian designer Svetoslav Simov has been one of the most successful sans-serifs of the past few months. Zag shows the characteristics of a constructed alphabet made with ruler and compass, yet has some elements that are quite unusual in this genre — such as conspicuous ink traps in sharp corners, or exuberant drop-like ornaments. The Siren Script family comes in four full fonts, and a fifth one that contains alternates, ending letters, and some ligatures. The Rising Stars nameplate is set in Auto 3 and Bryant, and the Have your say quotation in Skolar. From tiny ankle, ring and earlobe tattoos, half and full sleeves, all the way up to upper back pieces and full body suits, we've done all kinds of placements, sizes and styles. Usually, we can get your concept sketch to you within 2-3 days, with revisions and final version coming 7-10 days later (if you ordered the complete design package).

The amount you paid for your sketch will be deducted from the complete package price at that time.
They are protected by copyright and may not be used commercially in any way without the express written consent of the artist who created it and Nexus Networks. We’re thrilled by your enthusiasm, and we hope to live up to your expectations in the new year. The earliest scripts that could do this (such as Adobe’s Poetica and Bickham Script) were rather conventional in form. The family started out as a semi-serif, then branched out into the sans-serif genre with the cool, fresh Museo Sans. It is a typeface with a purpose: it was designed with scholarly and multilingual publications in mind. In combination with the relatively large x-height and open, clear italics, these features contribute to the typeface’s readability in small sizes. The capitals are rather low in comparison to the ascenders to give the typeface an even texture and more space for diacritical marks on the capitals (essential in many European languages).
A text and display family of constructed sans-serifs, Uni Sans comes in seven weights plus italics. Colo is less strictly modular, combining the geometric double-lane structure with shapes that subtly refer to the flow of handwriting. Siren Script Pro combines all five fonts into a single one of over 880 glyphs, which includes programming for push-button stylistic alternates and various glyph palette conveniences. Feel free to share your thoughts or read other people’s comments at the MyFonts Testimonials page. After the sketch has captured your unique concept, a final version will be created, ready to rush over to your favorite local tattoo artist to be inked on your body!
We can incorporate your old tattoo into the new design or make a custom coverup to fit your new idea. Since you are an important part of this creative process, your response time in giving feedback will be a major factor in how quickly your design can be finished. What better way to proceed than by bringing you January’s Rising Stars, the monthly newsletter covering popular new fonts?
What Ale Paul added to the mix was a wildly eclectic choice of letterforms, tapping into the seductive aesthetics of 20th-century commercial art rather than traditional calligraphy.
Before becoming available for retail on our site, it had been around for several years as a face used by magazines the world over — including Harvey Nichols (London) and W magazine (New York).

It manages to avoid any stuffiness, striking a balance between academic credibility and a subtle personal style.
The family includes a complex set of smart arrows which can be easily keyed and combined in infinite ways using OpenType features. It combines a DIN-like industrial simplicity with some avant-garde details, such as the fluid joining of stems and curves.
What makes this kind of script stand out is its mixing of flourished majuscules with mostly subdued, traditional minuscules. Our professional tattoo artists are ready to help you create your own personal tattoo masterpiece.
As it turns out, the sturdy slab serifs combine perfectly with the family’s friendly geometry, resulting in a wonderfully readable typeface. Designer Philip Bouwsma discovered a striking likeness between the hands of these great men.
With its large character set, the family is flexible enough for complex text settings and editorial work. The result is a balance between formal and informal lettering — the message is gracefully yet clearly delivered. A single face with over 1,000 glyphs, Ministry Script comes with a galaxy of alternates, swash characters and ligatures to explore. A perfect contemporary alternative for popular classics in the genre, such as Rockwell and Lubalin Graph.
Research revealed that the King and the President had one thing in common: a writing system they had both learned during their first school years. A unique fusion of politics and pop culture, Tupelo comes in two main fonts, plus three sets of alternates and extras. NewJune also includes an interesting serifed version, which will soon be made available here as well. All of these are combines in Tupelo Pro, a single font of over 840 glyphs, with sophisticated OpenType programming.

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