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There are many popular trends in the world of body art designs today, however one of the hottest in recent years has to be that involving text or writing in place of images, particularly in a foreign language or script such as Arabic, Hebrew or Hindu. These Sanskrit tattoos have soared in popularity in recent years thanks to celebrity endorsements from the likes of David Beckham and Rihanna. However, if you are really keen on finding out more about Sanskrit tattoos then it is important to do adequate research to ensure the meaning translates as it should.  It is therefore best to ensure that the interpretation to English is not erroneous as this could completely spoil the effect of what should have been a very cool tattoo.
Love the place, where did u get it translated please, as I'm looking into getting my first Sanskrit tat? I personally don't understand getting writing that you can neither read nor understand unless it is the language of your family and they can verify it for you. Originally Posted by MonkeyChick I personally don't understand getting writing that you can neither read nor understand unless it is the language of your family and they can verify it for you.
Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post Ideas for my tattoo AndOpd Tattoo Talk 7 21-11-2011 07:41 PM Opendeurdag in Tattoo-school Antwerpen?! Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language of Hindus, is a storehouse of knowledge and wisdom because most of the religious texts and books have been penned in it. Inspirational words, hymns, verses and religious symbols compile the gamut of Sanskrit tattoos’ designs and patterns. This back tattoo with Sanskrit om in center wishes for the universal well-being of human race.
The wrist tattoo worn along with the rosary keeps pulse rate in control and restores a proper breathing mechanism. The light violet rose and the verse stand for the universal law of love which is above all the laws. Lord Krishna charms people of all the faiths and this tattoo has been carved as a mark of love for him.
The chubby, cute deity lord Ganesha carved on back with flowers keeps away all the obstacles from entering your path. The undying love sign and the holy Sanskrit om symbol inked on the back of the palms symbolises the divinity of love. A lotus flower with a hymn that chants peace, internal peace and eternal peace inked on wrist.

This verse passes the message that contentedness is the biggest happiness and one must look for a good company that enriches one’s knowledge and thoughts.
A triangle image with peace written on all three sides shows the lack of it in the world and how much people are desperate to find it. Attachment inked in Sanskrit with a Zen symbol on the forearm stands for the worldly desires we hold so strong. This one is a sweet and sexy tattoo design in Sanskrit carved on ribs and flanked by dragon motifs on start and end. This tattoo inked on arm stands for non-violent resistance, the Gandhian method of protest. Yoga, the ancient Indian art practised for spiritual and physical health, finds place below the waist on the side. This tattoo means being watched over, which reminds us to do good deeds as all of us are being supervised by the almighty.
After darkness comes the light, this is the translation of the verse inked in middle at the back. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites.
One of the favorites in this style has to be those for Sanskrit tattoos an ancient language that originated on the Indian continent which is now associated with Buddhism and Jainism too. However perhaps the most famous designs of all has to be that sported Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie.
If you stick with something simple such as padma, which means lotus flower, a symbol of enlightenment and spiritual awakening then you should be okay. If you're serious about having Sanskrit it's better to find a phrase you want and have it translated, by someone who speaks the language natively or fluently. The rich heritage of the Hindu culture and tradition fascinates people from around the world and most of them come to its shores looking for salvation and peace. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. These look more effective on longer, flatter areas of skin and can be found on forearms, upper backs, lower backs, chest, hips, calves, feet, the neck and even behind the ear.

She originally had a Japanese kanji on her shoulder symbolizing death but obviously this particular morbid interest was replaced by more philosophical views as she grew older. This is another favorite with many celebrities and fans alike, with Jessica Alba sporting a small padma tattoo written in Sanskrit on her inner wrist.
They are always in awe of the religious symbols and deities and like to have them on their body in different forms like rosaries, lockets, amulets and tattoos.
It is believed that these tattoos exude positive energy and vibration, especially the ones carved with hymns and symbols like Om and Swastika.
Popular designs of this nature often resemble a bar code and these are very intricately detailed tattoos that involve a great deal of time and skill so make sure you choose a tattooist who has had experience in similar work. As a result she had that tattoo covered over by a Buddhist prayer of protection which was a Sanskrit blessing.
These designs look great in smaller font on the inner arm and wrist and are popular with females in particular. The Sanskrit tattoos are one such form that is hugely popular and enjoys a special status among the masses. This was illustrated in the Cambodian language in honor of the homeland of her first adopted son.
Male tattoo enthusiast are also partial to this style of tattoo however there ones will tend to be larger more elaborate designs on macho areas like the chest or back instead. When we pointed out that there's every chance this may not read correctly when placed vertically, she said she wasn't bothered as she wanted it doing. This is definitely one phenomenon in the tattooing world which shows no sign of stopping and these designs are sure to have longevity too.

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