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When a person chooses to get a seahorse tattoo, they have a number of different options available to them. Or they can have the seahorse drawn in a more cartoony fashion with lots of brilliant colors.
This is one of the reasons that people choose to get a seahorse tattoo inked on their body.
They can have the seahorse drawn in a naturalistic style that represents the true nature of the creature.

Examples of this include two seahorses joined in the shape of a heart, the picture of a seahorse bursting into flame or a seahorse being rode by the god Poseidon. The other reason for getting a seahorse tattoo is because these animals are usually viewed as being cute and maybe a little odd.
The final reason for a person wishing to have one of these designs tattooed is because they have a love of the little creatures. There will always be a certain number of people who opt for a simple, black outline of a seahorse.

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