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Without the OP specifying what type of shark he copied it is impossible to know whether or not the piece is anatomically correct.
Of course, we now know that Michael's model was a killer whale, not a shark, so I withdraw my "not anatomically correct" assertion.
Agastache, is a genus of 9–12 species of perennial herbs in the family Lamiaceae, native to eastern Asia (one species) and North America (the rest).
I've been planting them in the fall, because they're supposed to have better survival that way, but I'm going to try some this spring, just in case that's the missing magic. I have been guilty of trying to grow things not recommended in my zone, usually with poor results. If all else fails, try a green house, or plant them up against a building and insulate them for the winter. The closest to your request is Agastache x 'Red Fortune', a zone 7 plant in good conditions.

There are quite a few different species of sharks on the globe and all have different fin configurations. I intentionally drew something that looks like the caudal fin of a tiger shark, for two reasons: One, since it's tiger maple, I figured a tiger shark was the most appropriate. Even though I only saw them for about three seconds, I could tell immediately that they were sharks and not one of the many dolphins that we had also seen that day.
I would also look at alternatives that attain a similar look, such as Veronica Red Fox, Astilbe 'Visions In Red', Digitalis mertonensis, Heuchera 'Raspberry Ice' and Salvia 'Sensation Rose'.
Incidentally, one of your photos shows a man holding a pair of shark fins--those appear to be pectoral fins (harvested for shark fin soup, I'm guessing).
The flowers are usually white, pink, mauve, or purple, with the bracts that back the flowers being of the same or a slightly contrasting color.
All of these grow in the 18-30" height range and get red to rose spike like blooms in summer.

The dorsal fins of sharks are generally rather blunt, about as wide as they are tall (as shown in your great white shark example), not tall and narrow.
Also, although it's not apparent in your photos, the trailing edge of the dorsal fins of most sharks is detached from the body. Southern exposures, wind protection and winter mulching can make a place where it might live.
And in this case, I'd recommend a spring planting to allow ample time for root establishment. Plant in a slightly raised mound or bed so the mulch does not create an excessively wet root enviroment over the winter.

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