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Anyway, if you see an angel on a Valentines Day card that is holding a bow and arrow, you are probably looking at a symbolic representation of the god Cupid.
In Greek mythology our sweet, round and well-nourished angel is called Eros and anyone who happens to be shot by one of Eros' piercing arrows will be filled with lust, passion and desire. A hundred plus years ago the men were always the 'hunters' - the ones to send Valentines Day cards to the women they fancied. Therefore on Valentine pictures the happy chubby Cupid will often be aiming at the woman in order for her to finally open her eyes get caught by a hurricane of desire for the lucky man who sent the card. The goddess of love and beauty, Venus (in Roman mythology), Aphrodite (in Greek mythology) was really into roses.
Now if you're considering sending the person of your dreams one or a few roses, it might be wise to get yourself acquainted with the symbolic meaning of their colors. You see, sending a yellow rose conveys entirely different intentions than sending your prospected lover a pink or red rose.
Leaving the scene for some lovely Valentine Cards - some of which are also of so high a quality that they are ideal as printable Valentines cards.
Simple Valentine card with small white and blue flowers, two hearts pierced by an arrow and a love poem for Valentines in the middle.
Little girl in red hat and white dress and little boy in hat brown hat standing on a hill looking at a small house. Drawing of man in blue pants and woman in white dress standing together under a big, red umbrella.

Old Valentine Card featuring a love cupid with pretty butterfly wings unveiling a heart made of purple flowers and white marguerites. Cute drawing of little boy in green with hat in one hand and a bouquet of reddish roses in the other.
Old Valentine card with a portrait of a young woman or girl in pink and white bonnet inside a red heart with blue bows. Old vintage drawing of two red roses held together by a pink ribbon surrounded by a border of pink wild roses.
Old Victorian Valentine card with a man kissing a woman's hand inside a red heart on a blue and golden background. Three small girls in blue, yellow and blue dresses all looking at a small boy in tall hat walking in the distance. Cute vintage drawing of little boy in blue with love letter and little girl in white dress with small pink flowers. Funny old vintage drawing of a little phoning up a little girl with big red bow in her hair.
Old Victorian vintage card of man leaning in over a bench to kiss a woman in a long red dress. Free Valentines Day Cards Compilation, Sweet Valentine Greeting Cards and Rhyming Valentines Poems.
Free Printable Valentine Cards, Beautiful Valentines Day Pictures & Inspirational Valentine Poems.

Beautiful Valentine Pictures, Sweet Valentines Day Pictures and Charming Valentines Day Poems. Creative Valentine Ideas and Happy Valentines Day Projects for Desperate Need-to-Be-Romantic-for-a-Day Men. Romantic Valentines Day Ideas and Creative Valentine Ideas to Spoil and Surprise Your Girlfriend. Sweet Valentine Poems and Romantic Valentines Day Poems for You to Use in Your Valentine Cards.
Hilarious and Funny Valentine Poems and Cute Silly Valentines Day Poems to Add New Spice to Your Valentine Card. You can stop searching and just enjoy scrolling down this page of wonderful Vintage Valentine Day Cards and new, modern Valentine pictures. For a woman to send a man Valentine greeting would have been a bit too bold back in the Victorian days. The cupids stand in the middle of a heart made of red hearts with lots of small blue flowers serving as background. They sit inside a garland of pink roses that hangs in a pink ribbon with red hearts dangling at the ends.

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