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Tattoos have always been great tools of expression and quotes can be also inked into the skin to give an outlet to our favorite thoughts and lines. The woman with this back tattoo seems to have figured out the key to leading a positive and happy life.
Loving others regardless of what they do is possible for only those who have a large heart.
A short Tennessee Williams quote which happens to be the favorite of the wearer finds place on his back. This wonderful quote shows us the power and faith of love which gives us strength in times of crisis. This tattoo uses both the peace symbol as well as the pistol to put forth its message more forcefully. Elegant vines surround the famous quote from the epic love drama of Shakespeare, carved on forearm.
Amazing font with partly shaded work that exclaims a motivational message, carved on the right bicep. Quote from the movie Serenity, carved on the bicep, that points towards the flamboyant and wayward attitude of the wearer.
This quote is from a song composed by labyrinth and carved on the thigh and arm of the girls. Quote from the famous Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe that is enlightening and motivating.
Quote from the song of the same name carved near the shoulder in curvy font and surrounded by tribal art pattern.
This back tattoo bears a quote from the famous Russian writer Vladimir Nabokov’s creation Lolita. The famous lines of John Keats about truth being beauty and vice versa gets an expression on the inside of the elbow joints. This typewriter lettering tattoo looks cute and the line has been taken from the Famous novel Alice In Wonderland. Regular and neat font bearing a truthful line about the essence of war, engraved on forearm. Life is indeed the greatest of all teachers and love reveals who are our true well wishers. This ‘heart means everything’ one is from the song ‘colder than my heart if you can imagine’ by a day to remember. Spiritual line about god carved on rib along with a sweet blue bird that looks sober and pretty.

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Matching love tattoos, symbolizing romance and commitment, are always fashionable as they have a story to tell.
Although you may not be able to explain or define love in exact words, there are different ways to express it.
In most of the cases, couples go for matching tattoos that either portray their personalities or show the nature of the relationship.
Rather than going for a design that speaks about your feelings, why not go for meaningful quotes or verses instead?
We know that wedding rings are used all over the world as a mark of promise of long-lasting love and relationship. Apart from the aforementioned ones, couples can go for any designs that are personally symbolic to them. Select quote no more than few words because there is less space in your body where you place your tattoo. Author of blog inspired by Romeo and Juliet ( love tragedy written by William Shakespeare). Aside from being style statements they are also a part of the motivational and inspirational instruments that we can utilize in our daily life to get positive thoughts and vibes. That way, our peers know a little more about us and our feelings Are you also looking for some short quotes for tattoos that can be placed on your body? Its quite a popular tattoo used by the fans along with the quote ‘have faith in me’ and ‘ this is where i make my stand, right here with my friends’.
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While choosing love tattoos, couples can go for eternal symbols of love like the heart or roses, or come up with something unique as the lock and key. What is commonly observed is that couples go for a similar design and have it tattooed on the similar spot. Try short texts like 'We are together forever', 'I love you', 'Love is grand', 'You are the one and only', etc.
However, some couples go out the way and have a tattoo made that looks like a wedding or promise ring. Especially love quotes are sketched as a tattoo to show more affection and permanent love towards your lover. People now prefer small quotes instead of just pictures because quotes and verses have deep meaning that inspire them more than any meaningless picture.

Either way, we hope that this gallery of images has inspired you if you’ve been thinking about getting a quote tattoo. As there are many versions and stylish designs depicting the heart, you simply have endless options for it.
You can even look for related quotes in different languages and have them scripted in attractive styles and fonts. Secondly, as shown in the picture, you can use chess figures or even card figures for making king and queen tattoos.
Lastly, remember that the couple must decide together on the design of the tattoo as it is a mark of love and togetherness. There are lots of quotes you can use for making tattoos but few things you should care about them when decide to have a permanent tattoo on your body. Try to find the perfect quote that suits your personality and have some deep and understandable meaning. Please share it with your friends on Facebook, Google Plus and on Pinterest and read more love quotation in the given related posts. All of us have some philosophy or ideology that we love to follow and feel close to at all times. You can also get cool ideas about the style of font to be adopted while getting such tattoos. If so, get a quote tattoo that means something to you or has even changed your outlook on life.
Intertwined hearts, half-heart tattoos, heart with names, initials, dates, heart with arrow, infinity symbol, etc., are some popular designs to choose from. Secondly, you can even have names or initials of your partner inscribed in different scripts like Devanagari, Kanji, Chinese, etc. You can have matching rings with initials of your partner, or a meaningful symbol that has a special place in your heart, tattooed on your finger. People who see your tattoo must ask you about the meanings of quote so should be quite impressive.
Either we note them down in our diaries or place them on our desk at the workplace or in our bed room or living room.
Similarly, some people get them etched into their bodies as tattoos on different parts of their body.

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