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It’s bad enough that kids leave school without basic literacy and numeracy skills, but even worse that no one catches up with them before they enter the professional world. I’m beginning to think the tattoo artists are having a joke with people who claim to regret nothing. If you’re planning to get yourself scrolled in ink, check all spellings before you go! Robert’s Ford Truggy features a built 460 cubic inch Ford Big Block being fed buy dual propane mixers. For more Truggy videos like this one Subscribe to the Busted Knuckle Video Youtube Channel. Last week I talked about my process for this piece of architectural design for the comic, where I pretended to be three imaginary architects making bids for an imaginary client. Recently I’ve been talking a lot about pushing the environmental designs in Hackberry Hollow to make them a lot more memorable and interesting. We just started designing a brand new area, which means I get to play architect and design a building for our imaginary client: an art museum.

Doing a different design for the lighthouse, and also thinking more about the color script for the comic.
Last night I caught this post on the Horse board from French Kiss Kustoms (aka Bob and Brian) showing the paint job above. I’m exploring what the interior may look like inside of the museum, trying to figure out how different architecture and lighting will feel, and how that will inform the outside structure.
Amusing for an enlightened workforce, but outsiders tend to see it for what it is – Disneyland without the fun.
After doing some research, and watching Philip Dimitriadis talk about environment design at Animation Nation Night, I learned some cool stuff that helped take this museum design project in an interesting direction.
Growing up around Silverton, Oregon he would often go riding at Browns camp in the Tillamook State Forest. There is a full interior cab cage and a seat of corbeau xp suspension seats and belts to keep the driver safe when bombing through the snow. He recently decided to rebuild the truck to compete in the annual Top Truck Challenge compeition.

This means the rear section of the frame was chopped off at the cab and rebuilt with tubing.
I got in touch with Bob and he sent me a few more pics of some work they’ve done - all of it is top notch. The rest of their work is equally amazing - the green helmet below definitely stands out – out of this world man! Check out a ton of pics after the cut, and if you need some paint, give Bob a call at 386-804-4839, you won’t be disappointed.

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