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This website chronicles Davy's attempt to draw every day in 2013 and upload the evidence. If you’re on the search for a look that can be worn in both an edgy and a more classic, straightforward way, there’s no cut that covers those criteria more than the side-shaved cut! The side shave has been making the rounds as a celebrity haircutagain since about 2009, with female pop stars leading the charge into shaved-ness. Most people cut it to about the crown of the head, right above the temple, and shave it in a straight line to right past where your head curves to the back. One interesting thing we’ve seen with the shaving is when people have put designs or cuts into the shave.
Other than choosing how to shave, you’ll want to decide what to do with the rest of your hair. Once again Demi Lovato has changed her hair color, but this time she’s switched up her hair in a unique way.
What’s hilarious is that earlier in the week she pulled her hair to the side and made two braids in the side of her head.
The side shave is ideal for those who want to cut loose, but also need to look professional at times, as it can be quickly parted to hide the shaved side for when you want to tone things down a bit.

Add to that list names like Jada-Pinkett Smith, daughter Willow and Toni Braxton, and this cut is clearly a bonafide celebrity hit! Though she’s since grown it out a bit, Nett helped make the cut hip with the youth crowd through her modeling photos, which have been making the rounds on the online fashion scene for the past few years. From there it’s generally shaved in a slightly curving line to a little behind the ear. Some people have left it fairly long, up to around an inch, while others have shaved it right to the skin. While this can look a little extreme if done wrong, a few cuts or a simple shape can make an already striking and edgy look just that much more cool. Our professional staff loves experimenting and trying out new things, and they’re great with their clippers. The cut’s even older than that, but in recent years it has developed into a more modern look which, when done right, looks ultra-hip.
Nett’s particular style of the side-shave was a bleach blonde asymmetrical cut, leaving the shaved side unbleached for a cool contrast effect. However, some wearers of the style have gone farther up on the crown or farther on to the back of the head, so it’s really up to what you want!

We think somewhere between those two extremes is best, and leaving at least some hair is safest for when you first try it out. Choose a style that you can part so it will cover up your shaved side and still look good, if you want to have that option. Don’t leave this tricky cut to a friend, because if they mess it up, you might have to shave your whole head! Theory Hair Salon will get your side-shave done with pinpoint precision to exactly your specifications. You’re essentially getting two looks in one here, so make the second look one that will look good both with the shave and parted to cover your whole head.

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