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Package description:25 simple black and white heart tattoo, heart vignettes and heart pinstripes (set II). Heart tattoos have always been popular, and we usually associate them with the old school, Sailor Jerry type of tattooing. A couple, wanting to express undying love for one another, get matching heart tattoos with each other’s names written on a sort of banner.
The combination of heart tattoos and names started in the beginning of the 20th century when sailors wore red hearts with the word Mom in the center. In Ancient Egypt myths, the heart was weighed against the feather of Ma'at (the ancient Egyptian goddess of truth). Hearts and flowers are an obvious combination, both being a symbol of love (especially the rose). Pete Doherty: has a heart with the letter K on the inside (for Kate Moss) on his left shoulder. Goldie Hawn: actress with a small blue heart tattoo on her ankle, done in Tahiti for her 60th birthday. Ville Valo: has a heartagram (combination of a heart and a pentagram) on his neck and belly and a heart tattoo on his right wrist. Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! We Participated in the Environment Fair organised at Surermath, Dum Dum, Kolkata during 11-Feb-2011 to 13-Feb-2011.

On the occasion of Energy Conservation Day organised by WBSEDCL in 2009, we received an award.
Call our Marketing Team for demo and briefing of our world class products.Soltech won award at Energy Conservation DayWe are manufacturer, distributor and consultant of Energies Solutions. Most people are normally confused when it comes to choosing the right tattoo for themselves. For a very long time, the heart has always been the core of our emotions and the symbol for humanity if not love. Both the Japanese and the Chinese writing styles are composed of small pictures that actually represent different things. The clipart set contains more then 2200 images and most of them are vinyl-ready vector cliparts. Christians believe it is the seat of emotions (more particularly love) and Islam sees the heart as the spiritual centre.
It doesn't really look like the real thing, more like a cow's heart (historically, people saw a lot more cow hearts than human hearts). This Christian symbol stands for the heart of Jesus Christ and the divine love for humanity. That’s the idea you convey when you choose to get a tattoo of a heart combined with the word mum at the centre. This is because the cross is a prevalent symbol for a wide variety of things, and Christianity is just one of them.

People adore their mother and as much as some people would like to think that such tattoos are overdone, they remain to be the perfect tattoos for a sensitive guy that’s very appreciative and loving at the same time. These characters have the best visual impressions and you can actually communicate great thoughts with only a few characters.
To start with, cross tattoos come in different sizes and shapes; for instance, you can choose to go for the simple crossed lines or the complex Celtic knot-work versions of the tattoo. Take a few of those characters that represent something that you really like or you think can inspire someone and have them tattooed on your skin. Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck are some of the guys that have a cross tattoo on their shoulder.
David Boreanaz and Johnny Rzeznik are some of the celebrities that have these characters for tattoos.
And much more: decorative capital letters and signboards, decorations and floral designs, vignettes and semicircular, horizontal and oriental ornaments and more.

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