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You can add flower, rose, dagger, crossbones, and flames etc., The sky is not limit there are so many ways to create a unique and evergreen design.
They can also symbolize near death experience as well as someone's survival from a fatal accident or illness.
But you don't need to fear after reading these scary meanings you may have your own meaning attached with your skull design.
However, when it comes to history of this tattoo design then we want to clear you that they are just about as old as tattoos themselves. Skull tattoo art is very old and traditional, it is also popular now a days and we think it will be also popular in future. We know skull, at first glance, may appear you to resemble a negative or dangerous image but it is not right skulls can also symbolize your positive aspects of life.

When it comes to location for placing skull then we always recommend back and arms because they consist large canvass.
Guys and girls there are many places to look for these skull tattoos just like google image search and other free tattoo galleries.
But in order to find the right one for you, we would like to initiate you with our tattoo flash artwork.
Type keyword in box below and click enter in order to enter our tattoo flash gallery created by professional tattoo designers and artists team.
We are a team of professional tattoo designers and we really want to help people explore the beauty of tattoos. Though so many people want to convey various aspect of their life by getting tattoos of skull.

When it comes to skull as a tattoo then there is nothing wrong with actual skull design and you may get just only a skull whether black and white or colored.
Basically skull tattoo designs were adopted by groups like bikers, prisoners or gang members during the early days.

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