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If you wish to design a luxurious small bathroom, though, you should consider the colour of the tiles.
I love the pictures!I wish I could have them all!But what got most of my attention was the the picture 12.I’m into wood fitting! I would like to have them all!But the one that I like most is bathroom number 3.I just love the design and the arrangement.I have I small bathroom too so thank you for your inspiration photos!Great article! Small bathrooms come with unique challenges in regards to functionality and flexibility of use however with good design ideas, you can transform your bathroom with pretty decorating ideas and cool colours that make the entire bathroom look magnificent. Not only does a cluttered space seem smaller, but clutter also makes you feel stressed- which is the last thing you want to feel when you’re in the bathroom. Even if you love the dramatic feeling of warm, dark, vibrant colors, you may want to consider using light, soft hues in the cooler shades instead for the surfaces in your small bathroom. Another color trick is to stay within a monochromatic color scheme; pick your surface, trim and fixture colors from the same color family and avoid using multiple contrasting hues. One of the best optical illusions available for the small bathroom designer comes from the mirror. A dark room always feels small and enclosed, but good lighting will bring about an amazing transformation for a small bathroom. It may seem like a contradiction in terms, but one of the best tricks for making a small bathroom appear larger is to cover floor, wall and shower surfaces with big tiles.
When I first saw the picture above showing off a wet room shower with a glass block wall positioned in front of a tub (taken from a project in Europe) I thought there’s no way some one in the United States would position a shower like this in front of a tub (although I think it looks cool)!
Do we as consumers in the United States think we have to remodel our bathrooms, kitchens and basements larger than they really need to be? The article below will briefly look at the benefits of small bathrooms and then provide a few tips to create a smaller bathroom remodeling project that will pop and work well for all members of the family. Tip 1 – Wet rooms – a wet room is a single open space where the entire bathroom is waterproofed to gain more functionality.
Tip 5 – If you’re going to have a shower enclosure use clear glass doors – this will create a more open feeling. Tip 6 – Bring in natural light (while not sacrificing privacy) – small baths can be tough because often the shower is positioned on an outside wall and it can be difficult to bring in light without sacrificing privacy.
Tip 9 – Add an exhaust fan – this will help to keep the smaller space comfortable and get the moisture out (this is especially important if you don’t have the luxury of an operable window). If you’re looking for more information, small bathroom products or an estimate on remodeling a small or large bathroom visit The Bath Doctor of Cleveland (216-531-6085) or Columbus (614-252-7294).For nationwide direct product sales call Innovate Building Solutions (877-668-5888). President of Innovate Building Solutions a nationwide supplier and regional (Cleveland and Columbus) remodeling contractors. Come on, overlook the size of your bathroom and design it in a special way with plenty of interior ideas for small bathrooms. If you think that you should overlook the design of your small bathroom, please, think about it again.

We would present some tips that can be applied to designing your small bathroom and get the maximum of your available space. It is advisable to keep lamps and vases that create the illusion of more space and dimensions. Lights can visually make the space look like larger or at least the use of lights creates the illusion that the space is larger than it is.
Put down the sledgehammer and check out these fantastic ideas for making your small bathroom look and feel much larger. One of the best design tips for making any small space feel less crowded is to eliminate as many visual distractions as possible. Cool colors tend to make a small space feel more airy and open, while warm, dark colors make a space feel more intimate. Contrast creates separation, and that is something you want to avoid when working in a confined space. Nothing makes a space seem larger than a huge mirror that reflects the space and makes it appear double in size. Whether it comes naturally through windows or a skylight, or it is created artificially with light fixtures, light creates space. The concept is based on the idea that lines create separation and compartmentalizes a space into smaller sections, making a room feel downsized. Glass shower enclosures, glass shelves, glass partitions, glass cabinet doors… glass makes any barrier become invisible and allows the eye to flow freely through a space, creating an illusion of openness that makes the room feel larger. However, another great idea for opening up a small bathroom and giving it a larger feel is the corner sink.
If you should opt for home improvements that are geared towards physically enlarging your small bathroom, it is sure to be very expensive and time consuming, with all the attendant stress. The reality is in the United States on average our homes are 2,300 square feet in space whereas in France they are 1,211 and in the United Kingdom they are only 818 square feet.
Conversely if someone currently has a small bathroom what are some remodeling ideas to consider to use the existing footprint without sacrificing style and function?
First of all, you should be careful with your vanity and hence we advise you to use only a few mirrors. However, first choose the colors carefully, because colours are those that can significantly change the modern look of the room. The reflection of light in the brightly colours tiles give a perspective of the size of your bathroom. Small bathrooms can be beautiful, you should simply follow the tips and select your design idea.
Yes, it is difficult to accommodate storage in a small bathroom, but there are ways to make it work.
Soft, pale gray, clean white and neutral beige work well in combination to bring a feeling of openness into a tiny area.

Place a large mirror in a small bathroom and you’ll quickly discover that the room instantly looks twice as large as before. In addition, bright light is emotionally uplifting and chases away the negative feelings of darkness. Frosted glass does not work quite as well, but if privacy is an issue then frosted glass is still a good choice in a small space- just choose glass with a very subtle frosted effect that creates an opaque, almost transparent appearance. Changing the configuration of your bathroom fixtures and utilizing those corners changes the traffic flow in the space and gives the area a more friendly, open feeling. If it is true that the mirrors create a feeling of spacious premises, the exaggeration of this idea is also not applicable. An inexpensive, open-faced cabinet runs from wall to wall, serving as both a vanity and storage space.
Do this by making your surfaces the same color as your trim work, or if you want at least a little difference, then go just a shade or two lighter or darker with the trim color. This trick works wonderfully in a tiny powder room that would otherwise feel extremely claustrophobic, but with a floor to ceiling mirror feels open and airy. By contrast, larger tile uses fewer the grout lines and creates fewer visual separations.  Choose tile that is at least 12” x 12”, and only use small tiles for the occasional decorative accent. Tuck the vanity sink into a corner and add a visually appealing symmetry with matching wall sconces  and towel hangers on each side, with a nice oval mirror hung right in the corner for the finishing touch on your corner treatment. If the cabinetry in the bathroom is brown, you can visually enlarge the space by going for tiles that are of light color, may be the same as the bathtub and also have brown designs. Some people think that the design of their bathroom is not so important, because they are usually confined by the space. The vanity is topped by a lovely white and gray Carrera marble vanity top with a simple, elongated oval white porcelain sink.
Basically, take advantage of each and every opportunity to bring additional lighting into your small bathroom and you will achieve the illusion of larger space. Yet, the size is not the only factor that we need to think of if it comes to designing your bathroom. A minimal number of items keep the top uncluttered, while linens and such are neatly tucked away underneath behind a simple white linen curtain.
Should the space come with high windows, such that when left uncovered, you can still have privacy in your bathroom, leave them uncovered. Therefore, there is the urgent need for you to install bright lighting systems for that amazing feel and look of bright and whiter light in your bathroom.View in galleryUse colorful punches of eye-catching tile!By now, you must have deduced that owning a small bathroom might not be a challenge after all.

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