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You can take a look at the top 30 small tattoo designs shown below and get some inspirations.
These are very cool looking and you can try these for the back or even for the sides of hands.
These are very easy to make and therefore when you get these, it will not be very painful and you can easily get these needled out.
Getting a tattoo seems like such a permanent and bold thing to do for a lot of people and it takes a lot of time to even build up the courage to take such a decision. Getting your ear tattooed seems like an odd thing to do but once you see how the end result looks like you actually become interested in the idea. A tattoo on the inner arm, no matter how small it may be, is still difficult to hide unless you wear long sleeves so take this into consideration before you make a final decision.
Things are quite similar for an inner bicep tattoo, although it will probably hurt a bit more to get a tattoo in that area. If you’re feeling particularly courageous, you can get a tattoo on the actual shoulder but keep in mind that it will definitely hurt.
If one of your main concerns is to be able to hide the tattoo without much inconvenience, then try the lower back or upper beck area. Hence most people these days who want to get a design done on a portion of their body, especially if you are a women, they tend to go for those which are small or very small. For example a small writing which is meaningful to you and you do it on the shoulder, and when you wear a tank top or a halter neck dress, this will show off. So if you have decided to have a small design which has some specific meaning to you or a small flower on the hands then you can choose from a number of styles these days.

You can try these in italics, bold and also hide these in times you do not want your design to get shown off. But once you’re ready to take this step, the next difficult task is deciding where you want the tattoo.
It’s still a visible spot even though it can be easily hidden by simply not exposing that part of your wrist and it actually looks pretty nice, almost like having a permanent bracelet. Of course, if you don’t really intend to hide it, the inner arm is a great place for a tattoo. The only way to hide these is with gloves so this option is not for everyone although it remains a popular choice. Since there’s quite a bit of space there, you have more freedom in choosing the theme and size of the tattoo as well as the shape.
Even though it’s not a very private spot, you can easily hide the tattoo even if you wear a t-shirt. First of all, they really hurt and also, the spine area doesn’t offer a lot of options. It’s not an option for those with low pain tolerance but, on the other hand, the area is coverable and there are tons of different tattoo designs to choose from of all shapes and sizes.
It can also be a writing which is quite small and only takes about less than a square inch of space on a portion of your body.
This is good for people who are still students because these can be hidden well below the hands and you do not need to worry about these much. Some people might just have an allergic reaction which can be itchy and also painful at the same time.

You can even do these in white ink which can only be for your show and people will only see it when you point them out this.
Depends on what you want and your artist can provide you with, you can choose a proper design for yourself.
However, touch-ups and re-doing designs when they are abnormally large are very painful as you have to get yourself needled every few months to keep the colors in place.
If you are willing to have something which is not the usual trends then you can choose designs like these.
If you want something that can be easily hidden with makeup then you can try small designs.
These are very popular these days and many artists have come up with various illustrative designs which they can show you if you go for something like this.
It can make your skin itch or it can go very red and not be able to take the pain from needling and get badly aggravated. In those cases and also the hygiene and the safety of suitability of the needles to your skin also matters a lot.

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