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Girls love small tattoos as they are fairly easy to hide if they ever want to cover them up and they are not large or obscure. Cool QR code tattoo, which can also be personalized with plain text, website URL, email address, phone number, or SMS text message.
Small foot print of a baby on foot to mark the moment when the little one began to learn walking standing on your feet. Small rose stem on chest inspired from The Little Prince, a famous novel from Antoine de Saint-Exupery.
Wow these small tattoo designs are very cute for the ladies to get it inked on their bodies.
I want to get a small, blue, butterfly just above and below my index and thumb…does anyone have any experience with getting one of these?
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Small tattoos for girls are the most popular style of tattoos that girls are getting on their bodies right now.

Since we are talking about girly small tattoos, the designs have to be sweet, feminine and simple. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. This simple tattoo design has gained in popularity over the years because they are not as conspicuous as the traditional, more elaborate tattoo designs.
This kind of tattoos looks lovely when inked on a small area of neck, wrist, back, foot, or finger. My two best friends and I met while studying abroad in Murcia, Spain and got matching lemon tattoos as a memory.
Another reason for their popularity is that they do not hurt as much as the larger tattoo designs.
You can gather Small Arm Tattoos For Men guide and view the latest Boys in the arms Tattoos in here. A small tattoo can enhance your style statement subtly without actually making you look loud or an extremist fashionista.
If you have a wild side, you can show it off in a small tattoo and you will look like a true blue rocker chick!

If you like any of the tattoos above, you can print off a picture of the design you like and take it to a tattoo artist.
These small tattoos can be perfect for you if you are not really a “tattoo-person” but still want to try having one.
These are just some of the reasons as to why women are getting small tattoos put on their bodies. Of course, you should always try to get a custom design, so your tattoo is completely unique to you. All the tattoo designs in the list are simple, yet attractive and are sure to draw the admiration of everyone around you. If you’re thinking about getting a small tattoo, you will love the list we have compiled for you below.

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