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I am sorry poems for mom: Owning up to your mistakes doesn’t always have to be a scary thing. Of course with getting a tattoo there are mixed reactions some people love it and some people frown upon it whether they say it or not I can tell! I have 4 and I was disowned with the first 2 but I think because they were visible I was forgiven then I had a miscarriage and decided to get the one on my wrist much like yours and of course everyone and their mom had an opinion I still feel today when I meet people and go for the shake they stare at my wrist NOT COOL.
I LOVE it lady!In response to what you said on my tat, I look at my newest tat on my arm EVERY DAY and love it more and more. I have finally found the tattoo that I want now I just have to work myself on getting it inked!
My Mom would probably react the same way, but hopefully its a small enough thing that the disownment will wear off over time!

Your cute rhyme will melt her heart and she will be happy that you had the maturity and courage to walk up to her and apologize. Anyway yesterday the husband & I were talking about both getting one for millionth time (he has 5 already) & we decided we had enough of the chit chat and we headed to the Latin Skulls where he got all of his, not exactly a wholesome place but I didn't expect it to be! I have a small pink flower on the back of my neck that I got a few years back over spring break.
Take a look at your life and then come talk to me about mine (defensive much?) I am still the same person I was before the tattoo except now I know I can take a needle hacking into my skin! Whether it is about saying sorry for being rude to her or for doing something you shouldn’t have done – don’t take your mother’s forgiving heart for granted. I couldn't believe I was actually going through with it, especially after all the terrible things my mom said to me shortly before via text when I broke the news to her.

After a few tears over her I got over it put on my big girl panties and took a DEEP breath & DID IT! My last thing was that I didn't want my grandkids to try and stretch out my wrinkled skin to try and figure out what it was.

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