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Anyway, sometimes I feel bad for the people trying to be polite and talk to me in Spanish, lol! I recall when the movie aWell I am off to bed I am beeWell I recall when the movie Alive came out in the early 1990s there are some white people here in the US who were upset that the cast members are all to white.
Its wild because as a dark skinned black guy who has learned Spanish to fluency I sometimes wish folks would assume I spoke. I’m Mexican and English, and My Native languages are English and French and a little bit of Spanish.
When we have other Latin Americans or Mexicans over and they try to speak Spanish with my Parents (Except for the Rest of my Family, Including Aunt,Uncle,etc.) They are always surprised that we speak more French thank Spanish. The only reason that my Speak more French than Spanish is because where my Family used to live, There was a French Colony there during the First Mexican Empire.
The Ones that stayed, I suppose Mingled with the Spanish Speaking Mexicans and then… VOILA!! Let me see if I have this right, dyed in the wool Latinos who find it objectionable that other Latinos don’t speak and or understand Spanish.
For the record, I was born in Detroit Michigan in 1948 from parents who were first generation immigrants from Mexico. I am a 3rd generation Mexican American but I identify as bi-racial because I don’t feel fully connected to any one particular cultural.
Jose Julian Marti Perez is a Cuban national hero and an important figure in Latin American literature.
Amelie Lamont, a former staffer at website-hosting startup Squarespace, writes that she often found herself disregarded and disrespected by her colleagues. In this episode of the Flash Forward podcast we travel to a future where humans have decided to eradicate the most dangerous animal on the planet: mosquitos.
Boing Boing uses cookies and analytics trackers, and is supported by advertising, merchandise sales and affiliate links. They have family members who speak spanish, but the relatives probably are embarrassed to speak spanish in america, so they only speak english and make sure their kids only know the english language.
They speak with their friends and family and they even earn a degree in Spanish yet they still refuse to speak Spanish.
The people I have met while traveling in Latin America were as diffrent as the people I have met in the US !? I get the opposite problem, I walk into a Spanish speaking place and they keep replying in English even though they just had a whole conversation in front of me, in Spanish. I am also a very Proud Vietnam Veterano with a college and paralegal education and both educational pursuits served me well during my years of employment. In his short life, he was a poet, an essayist, a journalist, a revolutionary philosopher, a translator, a professor, a publisher, and a political theorist, and supporter of Henry George's economic reforms known as Georgism. One comment in particular, though, set her reeling — and came to exemplify her experiences there. Whether it’s smokers transitioning to a less harmful pastime, or connoisseurs of exotic tastes and textures, the market for vaping enthusiasts continues to grow. Despues el cantante visitara Fukuoka, Tokio, Nagoya y Sapporo para un total de cinco ciudades y nueve conciertos.
There are also people that grow up in a house where their grandparents only speak spanish but everyone else speaks english. Both my parents speak it at home, but I only speak Spanish sometimes, so I use English most of the time.
For instance, my mom is Latina, and she looks Filipino, and when we are around other Filipinos (usually older ones) they speak to her in Tagalog (definitely a language we don’t understand). It does not matter whether you are fluent in Spanish in both speaking and writing, WE ARE STILL THE MOST HATED CULTURE IN THE UNITED STATES!
I do not speak Spanish but the history to that is directly from parental fear of being deported even though I was born in Detroit Michigan!!

One time I went to my old best friends house to adopt one of her kittens and pick it up and leave. Similarly, an individual may face difficulty balancing their identity within themselves due to the influence of both of their cultures.
It was not a conscious decision i made to stop speaking spanish so dont judge me for not speaking it. Through his writings and political activity, he became a symbol for Cuba's bid for independence against Spain in the 19th century, and is referred to as the "Apostle of Cuban Independence." He also wrote about the threat of Spanish and US expansionism into Cuba. Doctor”, “REAL LOVE piano by Lang Lang” y “LOVE & HATE (Instrumental)”, para un total de seis canciones. We’ll never get on the level we need to be until we address the issue of use of the word Latino. My father who’s from Morocco left from his country to find religious freedom when he was young. I notice that hispanics born and raised in the united states can’t speak Spanish, and they have no idea what country their family came to america from. Which is odd considering every Spanish-speaking country I ever went to has folks that are born there that look LIKE ME. I have just been way too lazy to re-learn Spanish which was my first language prior to being forced to speak English. Bicultural identity also may have positive effects on the individual, in terms of the additional knowledge they acquire from belonging to more than one culture.
I cant remember far back enough to when i spoke spanish my mom was always working and didnt have time to make us speak it. La version B tiene tres canciones adicionales: “NO LOVE (version album)”, “TRUE SWAG Part 2 feat. Take the blacks for instance no matter how much white they are mixed with they are still black right? The United States being just one of the many countries that form the continent America ) absolutely all the encounters I had with Latinos and Latinas in the US were positive. However what I hate is that people think that since I don’t speak fluent spanish…I desserted my roots and call me a fucking white washed coconut! My mother has lived in America for almost 20 years so she speaks English well but is very proud of being Mexican.
I do not fear the racists, the haters, and or other people hell bent on making my wonderful life miserable. I wanted to punch her so bad because she kept repeating the questions and I was so embarassed.
Furthermore, with the growing number of racial minorities in American society, individuals that identify with more than one culture may have more linguistic ability. That’s just makes you wiser so if some Mexican person talks to you in Spanish is because they want to feel confortable with you ,makes you likeable.
I hate that in this country (America) I start out a conversation in perfect English and people want to switch languages on me.
They have no idea that there are white looking, black looking, Indian or native american looking people that are born and raised in spanish speaking countries.
My spanish is not very good but the fact that I try, make for a very positive first impression ! We owe it to ourselves to let anyone who is anti-Latino to step way way back lest they incur our wrath for being disrespected as a very proud people–no matter how many languages we may speak or not speak. My grandmother had 9 kids out of those 9 kids only 4 of them spoke fluent spanish, 1 of them spoke spanish but not very good or properly.
While at work Hispanics who need help often turn to me because they think I can help them and I try believe me. I had one incident where I came across 2 dominicans one black looking from Dominican Republic and one that was white skinned, spanish features, and was born and raised in the U.S.

I go to an English school, my dad knows we understand English better so he mainly speaks that at home.
Though I don’t speak the language well, it no way means I am disconnected to my culture!! My mom and grandparents teach us Spanish occasionally, but I rarely see my grandparents and my mother doesn’t teach us any complex Spanish. The sooner we realize this and identify ourselves as such (the Latinos who have Native ancestry) the easier it will be to sort out this confusion. Then there are people who speak spanish who grow up in a house where people speak both spanish and english, and they have actually picked up on both languages. He too identified as a Dominican, and he told me he had no idea that there were black looking Dominicans. I still celebrate holidays, eat food, watch movies, listen to favorite spanish songs even though I speak mangled Spanish. Plus, I mostly hang out with my dads side of the family and they were raised here, so they speak more English.
THE UNITED STATES IF RACISM IN 2014 IS THE REINCARNATION OF 1933 NAZI GERMANY AND WE ARE THE JEWISH POPULATION BEING LINED UP FOR SLAUGHTER! There are actually people who speak fluent spanish, but they hate speaking the language so they only speak english, and tell spanish speakers they don’t know the language or forgot how to speak the language.
I like to think I can speak Spanish, but when I go to Mexico it is so difficult to keep up and I always feel ashamed when I ask them to repeat the question!
I embrace my Mexican heritage but I was born in America, so my father calls us Mexican American. Start reading the GD news in either and or Spanish and you’ll see WE are no better than the Jewish,the Polish, the Russians,the Italians and the Chinese during the terror reigns of Hitler, Stalin, Tito and Mao Se-tung. I have a Spanish from Spain accent when I speak Spanish too which confesses people to since I’m too dark to be a Spaniard. We are in the midst and time of hateful history repeating itself and we are the new targets. As long as you have Latino blood you are most definitely a marked person in the eyes of the Racists in Washington and only a vote for the Democrats.
Start respecting any and all Latinos, regardless of the color of their skin and what language they speak and or don’t speak.
Start looking for ways to increase our educational levels–reach out to someone who you know who needs educational guidance.
Another problem is since they aren’t fluent in the Spanish language they mistake a lot of Spanish speaking people for Mexicans.
Please fellow Carnelas Y Carneles–we need each other during these very trying times in a country that does not practice what it preaches.
They complain that white people call everyone including them Mexicans, but they do it themselves without realizing it. Regardless of our political viewpoints, we need to let the Racists next door, the Racists in the media and the Racists in the educational systems we will not be denied everything that comes with self respect, cultural freedom, and all freedoms everyone has a God human right to practice no matter what Spanish country we are from and or are American born Latinos.
They also don’t realize that every Spanish speaker uses the same spanish words weather they use the words the same or have a different meaning. They have no idea that other spanish speaking countries might use the same slang words in the same way, but when they hear the slang that they are familiar with, they right away say it’s Mexican or Puerto Rican which is plain ignorance. In Puerto Rico they use chocha as slang for a womens vagina, but so do other spanish speaking countries.

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