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Located only 1,500 light years away from the solar system, the Orion nebula is the brightest diffuse nebula is the sky. Using a combination of optical, infrared, and mid-infrared data, a team of astronomers revealed that the star cluster known as NGC 1980 is a distinct massive cluster of slightly older stars in front of the Orion nebula. Using images from the 340 Mpx MegaCam camera on the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT) from the summit of Mauna Kea, astronomers identified the massive cluster of young stars NGC 1980 to be a clearly separate entity from the main cluster of the most studied star formation region in the Galaxy.
Not surprisingly, astronomers see the Orion nebula as the benchmark for star formation studies, a true golden standard, and most of the established measurements of how stars form have been derived from this important region. The left panel shows an optical image of the Orion constellation: the molecular cloud is invisible at those wavelengths.
The importance of this discovery is two fold: first, the cluster identified as a separate entity is only a slightly older sibling of the Trapezium cluster at the heart of the Orion nebula, and second, what astronomers have been calling the Orion Nebula Cluster (ONC) is actually a complicated mix of these two clusters. Left: when selecting optical sources in the line of sight of the thick molecular cloud, astronomers are sure to select only foreground stars.
Whether you are looking for sweet ankle embellishment or extremely spectacular 3D tattoo art, the article has tried to compress a galaxy of diverse tattoo pictures on to a single page for your viewing pleasure. Cool traditional tattoos, also known as old school, being part of the old sailors and warriors culture. Pretty and colorful butterfly designs give you that most desired feminine appeal to your tattoo. Best place for small stylish quotes, symbols and sleek tribal art, wrist tattoos have come in great trend. You can feel her existence and pain, the woman with tears in her eyes has come out really well. Motivate yourself for constant spiritual inclination, while expressing firm belief in the greatest Savior with sacred Cross tattoos. Classic metallic Cross, crowned and wrapped in a scroll, which carries a memorial date and message.
Scroll down further to find exciting tattoo designs for women and which last feminine appeal. It has quite a few things that represent various dimensions of a woman, for instance there is a mermaid, pin-up girls, leopard print and a sacred heart too. Nude shade butterflies with sprinkled-dust background and we can also see a ghost holding a skull on her upper arm. Inscribe the name of your love, best friends, family or of someone whom you idealize, with creative name tattoos.
Treasure the very first moment of the arrival of your babies with their footprint and names tattoo.
Time for some extreme body art examples, so let your eyes be wide opened to enjoy these amusing body tattoos.
Displaying the full sleeve piece, which includes a devilish woman with skull crown, wrist lettering and cluster of flowers. Men, who are looking for amazing tough guy tattoo designs, we have a collection for you as well. Couple tattoo pictures to impress you with creative ideas to show everlasting commitment and unique connection.
Gothic art of skull tattoos that signify the ultimate reality of death, and make a popular psychedelic style statement too.
Ahava in Hebrew on shoulder blade with a heart symbol for love, which is also one of the meanings of this word. Serve to everything that comes in life thinking it is the behest of the heaven’s kingdom.
Sun is an ultimate symbol of humanity, and if that’s what inspires you, sun tattoos are for you.
Awesome style, almost looking like her brand logo, which she carries proudly on her side back.
Here are some amazing design ideas for your love for koi fish, which has successfully climbed up to the Dragon Gate as the great Japanese mythology implies.

Traditional geisha fairy in ethnic get-up and tattered wings looking even more mystical with the rustic charm. Stars have always fascinated mankind…its always so delightful to look up at the night sky and to see shooting stars or stand alone stars. When it comes to a choice of tattoo, many people choose to get stars tattooed on their bodies. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Moon Tattoos, Sister Tattoos, Tree of Life Tattoos, and Feather Tattoos.
The cluster of shooting stars on the foot looks like a sweet design and can look mysterious with the right set of foot wear. Use the expanse of your rib cage to get a creative and big shooting star tattoo that covers half your body, not only does it look fancy, it gives you a sweet starry eyed look!
These tattoo designs are cute and very suitable for ladies who wants to try having tattooed and inked.
AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. Symbolical of hope, life goals, aspirations and enlightenment, the star tattoos have a huge fan following around the world. Star tattoo designs are loved by men and women alike simply because these accentuate the look of a person. Tattoo artists use a variety of methods or techniques to ink star tattoo designs of which shading is very popular and looks cool.
There are other star designs that involve pretty winged creatures like butterfly and flowers too. Other places where a star tattoo can be inked include the ankle, foot, forearm, thigh and back of the neck. This image shows clearly the 3-dimensional structure of this star formation region: a large cavity, created by the radiation pressure from new-born stars located in the brightest area of the image, lies within a huge cloud of dust and gas. A technique relying on the combination of optical, infrared, and mid-infrared data ensures astronomers are sampling only stars located in the foreground of the Orion nebula. For example, the distribution of stellar and brown dwarfs masses at birth, their relative age, their spatial distribution, and the properties of the planet forming circumstellar disks surrounding the young stars. The middle panel shows the infrared Herschel space observatory 500 micron image over-plotted in red. Find out hundreds of tattoo ideas in this very list, which includes high quality tattoo pictures and fantastic ideas. View, select or custom design your tattoos, picking ideas from this list of 160 tattoo pictures.
Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world.
In the olden days, it was usually the sailors that got stars inked on their bodies to help them sail through difficult times at the sea. Be it your feet, or back, or neck, or even the back of your ears, a star design suits every nook and corner of your body. Shades of dark and light tones of the same color, say, black or grey are often used to offer a contrasting look.
The stars are inked in such a manner that they look as if they are protruding out of the body with wordings written inside the star.
Star designs are so popular that celebrities like Rihanna too can be seen sporting such beauties. Identified as a truely indepedent star cluster, NGC 1980 is associated to this well-studied star formation region, around the brightest star seen at the bottom of this image, iota Ori. This technique also led them to the discovery of a nearby small star cluster, baptized L1641W.
The discovery of the Orion nebula is intimately associated with the early development of telescopes but only in the last 60 years have we come to realize the true astrophysical importance of this glamorous object: the nebula, like so many in the Milky Way and in other galaxies, form new stars. At this wavelength, Herschel probes the thermal emission of the cold (10~15K) molecular cloud: the newly formed stars are traced through the warming of their surrounding gas clearly detected here.

Although astronomers knew of the presence of a foreground stellar population since the 1960s, the new CFHT observations revealed that this population is more massive than first thought, and it is not uniformly distributed, clustering around the star iota Ori at the southern tip of Orion’s sword.
Get yourself a cup of coffee, because this is a very extensive list, so you will be here for a while reading about each tattoo as you look through all of the pictures below.
But, these days, star tattoos are being inked by people who belong to different races and casts.
Most people also get stars inked in combination with other motifs like flowers and butterflies. Some artists also make use of bright shades like red, blue and green to form a lively backdrop against a cluster of stars.
There are umpteen number of star tattoo motifs that you can choose depending upon what you want and like. Young girls are often seen having a liking for star designs that accompany a cute fairy or a pixie.
Rihanna has an entire cluster of small stars imprinted on the back of her neck and looks a diva! The disks around the star are the result of internal light reflection in the camera optics.
Inside the Orion nebula, astronomers have found over the years a wide range of young stellar and stellar-like objects, from massive ionizing stars tens of times more massive than the Sun down to objects known as brown dwarfs, which are not massive enough to burn hydrogen and become stars. This molecular cloud is so thick that it blocks the visible light of any background sources, acting like a shield. Bouy discovered a clustering of stars around the massive iota Ori O-star, illustrated by the star density contours in blue. We know that picking the right tattoo style can be nerve racking, so hopefully this list will make things much easier on you when you’re thinking about getting the perfect tattoo. Ideally, girls look great with star tattoos, especially when they are placed in visible body parts like their anklets or wrists. A star design is quite easy to be inked and involves lesser pain as compared to other designs.
One more reason why people love star tattoos is the fact that stars do not propagate any particular religion and hence suitable for all.
For example, a few people love the universe and hence opt to get such a star tattoo inked that offers a scene from the universe, filled with planets and asteroids.
Men also love to carve an entire galaxy on their backs wherein colors like blue, white and sparkling yellow are used to lend a galactic look to the design. Of all the giant nurseries in our Galaxy, the Orion nebula is the closest to Earth, only 1,500 light-years away. In consequence, any star detected in the optical in the line of sight over the region highlighted in the right panel must therefore be located in the foreground of the molecular cloud. Its often cheaper to get a star motif engraved that makes it a hit with most college goers. This makes this region very special, offering astronomers the best chance to understand how laws of physics lead to the transformation of molecular clouds of very diffuse gas into hydrogen burning stars, failed stars, as well as planets. The spatial distribution of X-ray sources, represented by cyan contours, is clustered around the massive Trapezium cluster, as was previously known.
But a second peak is also clearly visible around the position of iota Ori, providing an independent confirmation of the results obtained at optical wavelengths with the CFHT. Bouy to discover yet another new cluster of young stars they named L1641W, located south of iota Ori.

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