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We also know Rey is one of the new lead characters in this journey back to the Star Wars universe, her destiny intersecting with a runaway stormtrooper named Finn (John Boyega) and a Resistance fighter pilot named Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac.) She wields a blaster similar to the one Han Solo used to waste Greedo in the original Star Wars. Judging by the photo below, presented last week at that convention’s The Force Awakens panel, Rey also hangs around on a collapsed AT-AT, those Imperial locomotives-on-stilts seen trudging through the snowy wasteland of Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back.
After her appearance before a global audience of Star Wars fanatics, and before she slipped away in a Bossk the bounty hunter mask to peruse the convention shops – accompanied by Boyega, disguised in a Clone Trooper helmet – Entertainment Weekly had an opportunity to find out a little about the woman behind Rey.
Entertainment Weekly: You were telling me about your school being in Avengers: Age of Ultron, so what school was that?
EW: You’re working with all the same actors, so it must be interesting to see that generation onscreen and then work with them in real life. Ridley: It was weird, in hindsight, going back to watching the film after having seen it, and then having worked with them, and then going to watch it again, it was a weird thing. EW: When you were initially cast, people wondered, ‘Who is this actress?’ And you had a video reel of previous work on your website that immediately disappeared. Ridley: Weirdly enough, probably Abu Dhabi, even though it was so hot, it was like you literally can’t imagine that heat.

Ridley: I didn’t think of it like that until dinner last night when somebody mentioned how many people might be watching. Latest CommentsMikkel Abrahamsen: BRDM-2 variants like the Gaskin in the video only has 7 mm of armor on the rear. Abrams and Lucasfilm, we’re starting to know more about the character than we do about the actress who plays her, 23-year-old Daisy Ridley – who also emerged from the shadows at the Star Wars Celebration event.
That’s her talking to Abrams while standing on the half-buried leg of one of the mechanical monsters. I went because initially I was very naughty, and my mom thought if I was busy, I’d be better.
The feeling of stepping onto a real set for the first time, it genuinely was a baptism of fire.
To see creatures walking around and speeders chilling in the sand, that was amazing, and because I was shooting there, it was like everything had built up to that moment.
She picks through the wreckage of a long-ago battle for anything that could help her survive.

Last year when we were filming, everyone came round and we had dinner and watched Episode IV, A New Hope, which was super cool. Which is what I think everyone else wanted, because everyone wanted just to see me as Rey and not as the people I’ve played before, even though the jobs I’ve done before are amazing and obviously led me to this incredible point. Michael Gambon, who played Dumbledore [in the Harry Potter movies], is playing who my great uncle played.
This product cannot be used for dying eyebrows or eyelashes, if used it may cause blindness. Avoid spilling on clothing, furnishings, carpet and enamel surfaces as permanent staining may occur.

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