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Sun sign tattoos are very popular among people and they love to wear the symbol of their zodiac sign as art forms on their body parts. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Tattoo Lettering Styles, Bad Tattoos, Megan Fox Tattoos and Free Tattoo Pictures.
The guy sports his ferocious and energetic nature with the classic Aries tattoo done on the leg in black ink. Dark Aries tattoo makes a bold and intimidating style statement, pretty similar to the attitude of the wearer, governed by the first sun sign.
Check out the shoulder of the guy exhibiting a cool and calm ram that is also the symbol of Aries sun sign. The adventurous and dynamic spirit of the Aries sun sign is pretty evident in this tribal tattoo, adorning the back of the guy.
Small Aries tattoo sitting on the wrist of the wearer looks graceful and reminds the wearer to keep up his leader-like qualities. The wearer got the Aries tattoo on his arm as it reminds him to be upfront and take challenges. The artist must be commended for having engraved a cool ram on the forearm of the wearer, ruled by the Aries sun sign. This tattoo has a lovely charm and charisma that is quite in sync with similar qualities found in people who are born under the Aries sun sign.
This is a captivating Aries tattoo that inspires the wearer to take initiatives and meet challenges head on, like the ram. The flaming backdrop of the ram makes a strong style statement that is symbolic of the fire element governing this zodiac sun sign.
King size Aries tattoo adorning the muscular back of the guy makes for a superb artistic portrait. The guy is proud of his commanding and adventurous Aries sun sign and therefore, got a tattoo etched on the back of his neck.
The guy has got a tattoo as a tribute to his deceased son who was born under the Aries sun sign.
AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Hand Tattoos, Side Tattoos, Finger Tattoos and Endurance Tattoos. A very unique place to place your Virgo tattoo, one of the strongest parts of the body, adorned with one of the most delicate patterns for the sign.
Brilliantly made with the design staying hollow with little shading, this Virgo design reflects the brilliant creativity of the sign.

Very intricately made, this particular tattoo suggests attention to detail and an appreciation for perfection that definitely is one of the stronger traits of a Virgo.
Created with soft curves, this design is visible at close range but does not shout for attention. This design is for the more adventurous Virgo, it has very strongly defined endings that bring attention to the beauty of the pattern and make it fit perfectly with the times. The first thing that comes to mind is the brilliant delicate lines and the flair with which the symbol has been made, adds a lot of charm to the beauty of an already beautiful sign. Apart from the amazing font, what catches the eye is the intricately drawn vines around the ‘V’…giving it an almost mysterious look. Even though this tattoo is hollow, it looks very surreal with the outer lines bolder then the ones inside.
The Virgo symbol has been beautifully drawn to seem like a ‘my’, and surrounded by a design that almost looks like it is flying. The clear representation of both the symbols with beautiful colors to bring the effect of practicality with fun is clearly understandable with this design. Simple, elegant, and strong; this design is an expression of the strengths of a Virgo in a very understated and minimalistic manner. An interesting place to have a tattoo and why not, Virgos have always been associated with creativity and this design and its placement represent just that. The Virgo symbol with a scorpion tail; an excellent choice for those who have traits for both the signs or of there are partners with each belonging to one of the signs.
At the first glance, this beautifully and delicately made design looks like an abstract, a closer look makes it obvious that this is a brilliantly made Virgo symbol, flamboyant by all means.
Virgos shine wherever they are and this pattern is perfect for those who believe that they shine too.
Definitely made for those Virgos who love colors and fun, this pattern is an expression of the Virgo who loves to combine fun with practicality. An excellent way to show your love for your friend; this particular design brings together the two signs under the beautiful sparkle of a shiny star.
For Virgos with stars in their eyes; this symbol has been strongly associated with the entertainment industry, why shouldn’t the symbol be? A very simple design that suits the behavior of a Virgo, simple, sober, and very practical; very neatly made and extremely pleasant to look at. Very neatly and clearly designed; this tattoo is an expression of the bold and understated character of Virgos.
This is because it looks stylish and is also a form of identity that also represents certain qualities, specific to the particular sun sign.

The head of the ram and a pair of horns with two loops are the most well-known displays that stand for the Aries sun sign. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. In olden times, our ancestors tattooed their bodies with symbols that meant something to them; the name of the tribe, the inscriptions the tribe used, or with words considered sacred. They are still considered a very strong way of self-expression however the designs have changed, the entire look of tattoos has received a makeover. Both the zodiac signs have been combined to enhance each other’s beauty to bring out the best. The strong strokes of the pattern state the strength and strong resolve of the ones born under this sign. Made with clearly defined lines, this tattoo states the personality of a Virgo just as it is. It has self-expression, amazing creativity, and a pattern that is just brilliant to have around a Virgo symbol. The antique and rusty feeling, the crushed look, and not to mention the beautiful shades surrounding the pattern, make it simply beautiful. The representation of a woman as a beautifully shaded moon almost surrounding the sign is simply brilliant. This design symbolizes that perfectly with the heart surrounding a beautifully drawn Virgo symbol. It is intricately made, and has a beautiful feeling to it with the flair and the added pattern.
One of the biggest changes that tattoos have undergone is the addition of various colors to them, no more are they black and white or filled with the temporary colors derived from flowers, the tattoos today come in a rainbow of colors and then some. They are enthusiastic, ambitious, energetic, dynamic and always willing to take initiatives. Not just the women, the men too were quite involved with getting their bodies marked for the rest of their lives.
Every sun sign has a symbolic icon and in the case of this leading sun sign it is the noble looking and composed ram.
These could be of their favorite star, their favorite animal, the religion they follow, words that are sacred to them, and even their zodiac sign and one of the most beautiful designs one can find are for the Virgo Tattoos.

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