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As stars used to be utilized as navigation at night, Sailors would then ink nautical stars on them because they relied on the stars to take them to the right direction and they hoped their star tattoos would bring safety all their way. TweetBible verse tattoos are a popular way to express yourself.  Some people chose to tattoo the entire Bible verse and some chose to paraphrase so it takes up less skin.
This is an excellent Bible verse tatto that expresses the belief that all things are possible when you have faith. The Bible tells a story about love.  There are many wonderful human abilities but this tells us the greatest is Love. This is a different version of the Bible verse tattoo above worn nicely on a lengthy placement.  Notice the addition of the rose to the tattoo and the excellent choice of fonts and sizes.
This is a great tattoo; the Bible verse the wearer has chosen refers to the stars and so the verse is placed within a star. This Bible verse tattoo is usually used to illustrate that death is not to be feared;  that life is everlasting.
Genesis is the first book of the Bible and explains the creation of the Earth and mankind.  This particular verse could be an argument against evolutionary theory but only wearer knows for sure.

This Bible verse simply interpreted states the wearer has freely given their soul to God and has asked for redemption. This Bible verse is a reminder for this wearer to be on the watch for sheeps in wolves clothing who proclaim to be prophets. This is a different type of Bible verse tattoo because rather than tattooing the entire verse or a portion, the citation alone is used.  Revelations is the last book of the Bible and this particular citation refers to a blessing that honors God.
The meaning of this verse is only known to the wearer of the tattoo. Many verses in the Bible are open to interpretation. This is a beautiful wrist tattoo reminding the wearer that God lights the path they walk in this world.
In modern world, two types of stars are widely used as an idea of star tattoo – Pentagram and Nautical Stars, which stand for hope, goals, protection, safe.
Most Bible verse tattoos are inked these days with a meaning of Faith or hope and often may have a symbol inked along with it. Additionally the artist designed the tattoo to appear as if it was beneath his skin or inside of him.

Faith tattoos are generally associated your faith in God, but these very popular tattoos are inked for many different reasons also. You can download and obtain this fascinating photo that we gave by click the download button below to get our good resolution versions. In this post, I collected 25 awesome Star tattoo designs and explored their symbolic meanings for which people love them.
Shooting stars may capture a moment that left a lasting impression, a short romance, special event, anything that may have changed the one’s life. The next step will be selecting the font, size, color, and placement of your Bible verse tattoo.  Expressing your love for the vereses found in the Bible can be an excellent choice of tattoos.

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