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We grant you a free royalty-free license to use these pictures on your websites and in designs, however copyright is not transferred.
As this web site is not just about stock textures but free royalty-free images in general, today I picked some still-life photos of books. Stephanie, they’re having a difficult time here in the states as well, what with colony collapse and overuse of pesticides. Come join 150,000+ followers on my Pinterest Boards, where I pin my favorite creative ideas! Some of the stone walls are ages old, some old but renewed, and some new with shiny stones, after all I could not say which ones I like best, so instead of editing tightly I decided to upload them all so you can go through and see what you need or find useful.
As stock photos should be by definition as universally usable as possible, there?s little or no sharpening applied to the images here. I?ll stop here for today to keep the loading times of this page manageable and  will post the other half of this texture series the next days. AdFreak is a daily blog of the best and worst of creativity in advertising, media, marketing and design.
They may seem a bit strange, but as I have a fancy for old, weathered wood, and spend a good amount of time in alpine landscapes photographing it, and as some of that makes interesting backgrounds and textures, I thought I will prepare another set of royalty-free stock photos (and let people download them for free).

Distribution or resale of the images themselves is not permitted, especially not through stock photo related sites. Actually, properly cropped they are easily usable as backgrounds (and the third looks even good as a desktop background). Browse around to find thousands of Stock Images that you can use in your projects or designs! Find over 4,500 FREE Vintage Stock images, Illustrations, Old Pictures, Antique Graphics, Vintage Printables, to MAKE craft projects, collage, DIY, scrapbooking, etc!
As usual, you can download all those stock images for free by clicking on the low-res pictures (and use them in your designs, on your websites or as backgrounds of course, but please don?t re-distribute them.
Flocking through my photo archives, I found quite a few, so as a result this page may load a bit slow, so please be patient if downloading images takes a bit longer. You may use them for graphic design, web design, Photoshop art, 3d rendering, or even a basic desktop background. You may not sell or claim ownership of Unmodified images or textures, individual or in packs.
Twentieth Century Fox has teamed up with iStock by Getty Images to create a set of stock photos featuring Vaughn along with co-stars Tom Wilkinson, Dave Franco and others.

Follow us as we celebrate (and skewer) the latest, greatest, quirkiest and freakiest commercials, promos, trailers, posters, billboards, logos and package designs around. The books in these photos are quite old, btw., which makes their colors and textures even more interesting. I post new Vintage images every day.A  You can subscribe via email so that you dona€™t miss a single graphic, just click HERE to sign up! A web site background needs perhaps less crispy detail (with a positive effect on loading times). If I see that you like them (some stuff here gets downloaded quite a bit – thanks to everybody who sent a link!) I will take and post some more images like that. It just may be my new favorite book and I can’t wait to share more images from it with you all soon!A  I hope you can use this lovely Bumblebee in your DIY or Craft projects! A little reminder: Use the stock photos posted here freely in your design projects, blogs and web sites, but please, don?t re-distribute the images as such.

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