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Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! Raumrot is a service created and maintained by German photographer and media designer Markus Spiske. You are entitled to use all of the photos in all available resolutions for absolutely free, even for commercial projects. All the photos, at least that’s true for the half-dozen I tested, come in 20MP resolution. You might have guessed it: all the pictures shown alongside this part of the article have been taken from KaboomPics. Raumrot and KaboomPics extend your designer’s toolbox by more than 700 professional photos at no cost. Dieter PetereitDieter Petereit is a veteran of the web with over 25 years of experience in the world of IT. On his website Raumrot he offers a collection of 216 photos in high resolutions, covering a diversity of popular topics such as Business, Transport, Urban, and also Food & Drink or Nature. The photos themselves are not actually delivered from Raumrot but are stored over at Yahoo’s Flickr.
The only restriction is that you are not allowed to sell the photos or to claim they were taken by you.

As soon as Netscape became available he started to do what already at that time was called web design and has carried on ever since.
But what really is new is the growing professionalisation of these services and their offered material.
All the photos have one thing in common: they are perfectly crafted, following a high creative standard. This has several advantages, the biggest being the fact, that Flickr takes care of offering a variety of available resolutions and download files accordingly.
All of the photos on KaboomPics have been shot by Karolina personally, while her friend Bartek Chmiello takes care of the technical side of the project.
If you want to stay on track with the latest new additions to the service, consider subscribing to Karolina’s newsletter as an RSS feed is not delivered. Two decades ago he started writing for several online publications, some well, some lesser known. Was professional photography the domain of commercial stock photo providers for ages, these days the lines start to blur.
At Raumrot all the available photos are presented on a seamless grid which you can filter down dynamically by choosing topics from the top of the grid. All the EXIF data is kept intact, so that you can easily get informed about the technical conditions of each given picture.

Another way of finding what you are looking for is directly clicking the tags below each image. I personally have turned to looking through the free offers first, and only if I cannot find suitable imagery there, turn back to paid services. Building a premium WordPress theme is perfectly okay, simply don’t sell the photos themselves.
Click on the left one and the image will open in a lightbox overlay, showing a 1024 pixels wide version of the photo. Pictures taken with heart-blood, with a fire only an amateur can develop, not the boring standard interpretations of generic topics, photographed in generic ways. Today I want to introduce you to Raumrot and KaboomPics, both of which are brilliant examples of what I just said.

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