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When constructing a stock portfolio, it’s tempting to only pick stocks that have the highest potential return. Some stocks have a negative beta, which means that the stock will move in the opposite direction of the stock market. There’s no right or wrong answer as to whether a negative beta stock should be included in a portfolio. It’s important to remember that a negative beta stock does have a relationship to the stock market. This article was provided to eFinancial Resource Center by Richard Craft, an MBA student who looks forward to helping you make better decisions financially. By Ravi Ahuja Leave a Comment Investment strategy in stocks invariably depends upon the performance of the stock market. So what should be your approach of investing in the stock market that leads you to make profit out of your investment?
A large part of this answer lies in the realization that stock market conditions are extremely volatile and can surprise you any time.
So you never arrive at the ideal lower level where you can say “yes, now I can invest” and you end up not investing at all. Thus we see that in both of the above scenarios, the stock market has surprised the investor.
From the above discussion we are in a position to derive our investment strategy for investing in the stock market. First of all, we have found out that there is no ideal time for investment in the stock market.
Secondly, you should avoid the lump-sum investment approach and rather go for a systematic investment approach where you invest only a small portion of your fund at one time in the stocks. For detailed information regarding systematic investment you can refer our article on “Systematic Investment in the Stock Market”. But you can avoid landing in such a situation where stock market surprises you and you end up losing your money. Personal Finance essays, stories, case studies and how to articles with a distinctly Canadian Point of View, from the Clown Prince of Personal Finance.
Today, October 29th is the anniversary of the First Major Crash of the Stock Market, which was a large contributing factor to the great depression of the 30’s, and that begs the question, when is the next Big Stock Market Crash, and how can I prepare for it? The Economic situation back then has about as much to do with today, as it did with the great Tulip Bubble Burst, the world is a very different place.
I will take the opposite view and say that there was a lot learned from the 1929 crash and that we should all be thankful that someone was paying attention in 2008. In a nutshell, the great depression was brought on by a freezing of capital markets and protectionism created by the 1929 panic.
We can be thankful that in 2008, the opposite occurred and governments added billions to the economy to keep the markets liquid and kept global trade moving.
From a personal individual perspective, the crash of 1929 is a perfect example of how one’s portfolio should always have a portion devoted to fixed income to soften the impact of such events. In 2008, the people holding on to insurance on the credit notes made a huge payday when the markets corrected. In summary, while I agree that the details of the crash may not be have much correlation today, the macro aspects of the crash still remain relevant.
I rebalance during times of tranquility or when I have surplus cash that needs to be re-invested. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Over the past few decades, the United States has embarked upon a course of massive financial market deregulation.
Recent deregulation, lax oversight by federal governmental regulators and law enforcement, increased barriers to individuals accessing the courts when disputes between investors and large investment houses, brokerages and banks arise has in my opinion made this strategy obsolete and dangerous. This problem is only going to continue to grow as statutes and regulatory “reform” in the name of removing restrictions on growth loosens regulations further.
As I write this the DOW Jones Industrial Average is above 13,000, riding high on recent jobs numbers and clues from the Federal Reserve that more easy cash is on the way.
The time is now to rethink your overall investment strategy and shift toward a portfolio weighted more heavily toward government securities, high quality corporate bonds, savings bonds, foreign government bonds of stable nations, domestic municipal securities, and even certificates of deposit. Investing in the stock market for the long haul may have been sound advice in the past, but it no longer holds true. This entry was posted in Finance and tagged Actively Managed, Index Fund, Mutual Fund, Retirement Strategy, Stock Market by Ben Stormer. FeedbackWe would love to hear what you like about our site, what you don't like about our site, and what you would like to see more of on our site.
Well, this Thursday you've been checking the stock prices and in the newspaper the headline reads "CRASH".
The past twenty months had brought large stock increases, people had been making fortunes on the huge surges in the stock market.

The fear began to accumulate about twenty days ago, when The ABC Journal published an article entitled, "Stocks May Face a Great Correction." It voiced fear that a correction would bring on a landslide.
On Wednesday the market plunged, and after the closing bell rang, there was silence between the brokers. The Stock Market Crash 2007-2008Stock Market Crash Causes:Corporate Corruption (as always, even it's not announced yet).
Unregulated big speculators playing short (my opinion again - we have now much bigger number of speculators including hedge funds who may play short).After the Crash:Bailout of the financial institution????
Accounting Reforms.The Stock Market Crash of 1987 [Related -The Apple AAPL Support Bounce Challenge] [Related -Is Factor Timing A Good Idea?
The Glass-Stegall Act was passed to separated commercial and investment banking activities. Interesting about Glass-Stegall, some have wondered whether its repeal caused some of the problems with the markets in 2007.
He writes this on behalf of KEL Credit Repair, your number one resource when looking to fix your credit score. So if one understands in what ways stock market can surprise you would eventually give us a better understanding of the stock market conditions and ultimately increase our overall chances of making profits from our investments. Here we would come up with scenarios which you should avoid while investing in stock markets.
The common investing approach adopted by both of these categories of investors is that they either ends up investing nothing or investing all their money at one go. In the process you also loose out the time and may also end up using your money for some other purposes. Here based on the present market condition and your assumption that the stock market would rise considerably in the near future, you end up investing all your money in a lump-sum. By doing this you can avoid making huge losses and in a way regulate your earnings from investments in stocks. Rather as we have already seen above, you can surely end up making profits if you correct your investment approach. Don’t get me wrong, this kind of catastrophic drop will happen, just that comparing 1929 to now is foolish, so many things are different, not much can be learned from 1929 (other than, this can and will happen again). We are currently half way through a 9-10 year dept recession and can look forward to clearer skies on the horizon.
The best example is an estate near Chicago which now holds massive fields of undeveloped lands. There can be no greater evidence of the breadth of the disingenuous concern for the individual investor than the dearth of prosecutions and meaningful statutory or regulatory fines imposed upon those who committed the fraud that caused the housing bubble and its ensuing tsunami of consequences. However, the United States did not, and it did not precisely because both the Democratic and Republican parties are in the pockets of Wall Street. But mark my words, the economy has not been fixed, and the recent financial regulations passed by Congress and signed by President Obama do little to decrease the likelihood of another catastrophic event. The money you do have invested in the stock market should be in low fee index funds, not in any fund managed by some pimple faced Harvard MBA.
I would go even further than many who subscribe to low fee index fund investing in that I believe that investing a traditionally acceptable percentage of a portfolio in low fee stock index funds, as the stock market portion, is far too volatile and risky. People began to fear that the market wouldn't be able to go up forever, and eventually it would fall, and create what is called a correction. The New York Stock Exchange and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange instituted a circuit breaker mechanism, which halts trading on both exchanges for one hour should the Dow fall more than 250 points in a day, and for two hours, should it fall more than 400 points. Many companies related to gold investing have negative betas because gold and the stock market have historically moved in opposite directions. A portfolio built to aggressively grow in value with little regard for risk should include stocks with betas greater than one. In a falling market, the negative beta investments will provide a hedge because they will increase in value. Check out their website today to see how they can help you!  To find out more about guest publishing on our blog, please visit our Guest Posting page. The reasons may not be clear to you but the stock market can throw up such situations which you have never thought of ever.
But actually the stock market surprises you by dipping on the lower side and depreciates rather than rising. You should start investing and invest for a long term to reap rewards of profits from the stock market. If you’d like PBS supplies this Useful Timeline Leading up to the Crash, if you think you can find any parallels there. You will most likely have to re-balance in a while, but do that when you normally would and go back to your regular life, is the only advice I could give.
The result has been a volatile and generally disadvantageous stock market for average investors. When fines are imposed or settlements reached with the perpetrators, it is often for a tiny fraction of the damage caused.

The act lessens regulations and reporting requirements on “emerging” businesses in the name of efficiency and ease of raising capital.
Whether the election financing rules have contributed to this situation is certainly an important discussion to undertake, but it has no relevance to your investment strategy at this time.
Until meaningful regulation is enacted and the governmental agencies charged with investigation and prosecution of fraud and violations of even existing rules do their jobs effectively, the stock market offers you no better security or growth than a craps table. Less than 1% of these funds’ managers have outperformed the market even when times were great and stable! Criticisms of Barack Obama that were once greeted by spirited debate and congeniality are now met with vitriol and anger. Companies that do most of their business overseas, especially in fast-growing countries in South America or Asia, may have a negative beta because their business isn’t directly linked to the United States economy. However, in a rising market, the negative beta investments will fall in value and become a drag on the portfolio. The person afflicted has the ability to go through thousands of pages of documents and keep the facts straight. Conventional investment strategy dictates investing a large proportion of your retirement investments in the U.S. For example, the most recent mortgage fraud settlement offers those whose homes were wrongfully foreclosed upon—repeat, wrongfully foreclosed–not simply foreclosed upon by mistake, but in cases of fraud, a lousy $2,000.
You have been nothing more than the basis for exorbitant leverage and a steady dependable stream of income. What it actually creates is a ponzi scheme structure of separating investors from their money and a boiler-room mentality for business. President Reagan began the process of financial market deregulation and it reached its crescendo under President Clinton and President Bush. Most non-systematic risk can be eliminated through diversification across companies and sectors. However, a portfolio designed to mitigate risk and limit losses should have lower beta investments.
Negative beta stocks can add value to a portfolio, but they do come with their own set of risks.
The great fear is that upsetting Wall Street will prod it to unleash even greater harms upon us in return. As I discussed here, the reason United States equities  traded at such a high premium historically was a direct result of the perceived safety of these equities  due to stringent regulations and reporting requirements imposed upon publicly traded corporations. The second type of risk is systematic risk, which refers to risks that affect the entire stock market. Generally, this amount is as high as 80% for someone in their twenties, to much less than 50% for someone nearing or already enjoying retirement. Conventional thinking has reached an end. Most 401K plans are riddled with fees and are far too light on low cost index fund options, further eating away at your already paltry returns. With many of these regulations removed, we will likely see greater and greater fluctuations in market prices and frequent significant drops in overall share price. This has always been the case in much of the developed world, where strict and meaningful regulations face powerful opposition by those in power. A portfolio heavily weighted toward safe fixed income securities is just what she would recommend, and in 2012, she’s right. Systematic risk can’t be eliminated through diversification, but it can be managed via a risk measure called beta. In an increasing market, the stock’s price will advance at a faster rate than the market. Since these types of exchange-traded funds profit when the market drops, it makes sense that they would have a negative beta. I do not anticipate a reversion to a financial regulatory environment safe for individual investors anytime soon. If the recent crash could not nudge policymakers in that direction, I do not know what will.
Stocks with a beta of less than one will move with the market to an extent, but with less volatility. The only path back to sanity lies with the electorate in voicing its demands in the voting booth. Dividend returns have consistently decreased for decades, and the long-term average annual return of the stock market has dwindled from historical averages as well. He has the ability to uphold the individual mandate as constitutional while breaking from his obviously politically motivated peers on the right wing side of the bench.
To be fair, there have always been periods in the past when stocks lagged behind government bonds for some period, but those events have been rare.
While this settlement comes nearly five years too late, it may mark a turning point in the Obama administration's general reluctance to take on Wall Street.

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