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Freebies are everywhere on the web these days, but it’s rare that you get something that is really high-quality for free. Picjumbo is a fantastic service that offers stock photographs, absolutely free of charge, for use in commercial and personal projects. Recognizing the need for quality stock resources for web designers, but unhappy with the premium price tag many stock sites add, Viktor Hanacek, began Picjumbo on Nov 2013 and he’s adding high-quality photos every day. Viktor has generously decided to provide all of his current 44 photos as a simple download to WebdesignerDepot readers. WDD staff are proud to be able to bring you this daily blog about web design and development.
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Tuesday marks the 84th anniversary of the stock market crash of 1929, also known as Black Tuesday. Despite the many decades that have passed, one big lesson of that terrible day is as vital as ever: Our financial system needs strong regulation to survive and thrive. On October 24th, 1929, after several weeks of falling stock prices that marked the end of a speculative bubble, investors started to panic.

The crash helped launch the country into the Great Depression, an economic collapse that drove unemployment to a peak of 24.9 percent. The depression saddled the country with poverty and slow economic growth until the end of World War II in 1945. The disasters of Black Tuesday and the Great Depression inspired policy makers to build many of the regulations that still protect the economy today, including curbs on speculation, bank-deposit insurance and the social safety net.
The regulations put in place after the Great Depression helped limit the damage of the 2008 crisis, leaving us only with a Great Recession. Despite these lessons, many on Wall Street and in Washington still are skeptical of the need for regulation.
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Nearly 13 million shares were traded that day, a record at the time, as the trading slowly built into a frenzy.

On October 29th, investors traded more than 16 million shares, losing billions and crashing the stock market in the process. Well, a lack of financial regulation in the years leading to the crash is largely to blame.
But memories fade, and a de-regulatory fervor in the 1980s and 1990s helped set the stage for the financial crisis we suffered in 2008.
They have resisted financial reforms since the 2008 crisis, and some are working to deregulate our financial system even more.
Unregulated banks lent freely to speculators, who puffed up the stock market to unsustainable heights.
When it all came crashing down, there were no government protections for investors or the unemployed, worsening the economic collapse.

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