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Scars resulting from accidents, surgical procedures, burns or other incidents usually feel like a blemish on your body.
Talking to a professional tattoo artist will help you know if the scar can be covered to your satisfaction.
Select a design that will completely camouflage or cover the scar, or at least complement it.
This will help you find out if they know what they are doing especially if it is a tricky scar to cover. Even though it is possible to successfully cover a scar with a tattoo, keep in mind that some of the procedures are tedious.

Apart from the physical needs, you should take into consideration the emotional reasons that would make you need scar cover-up tattoos.
The only way you can see the difference clearly is if they have ??before’ and ??after’ photos of previous procedures. Normally areas where large burns have occurred and skin grafts have been done will be tricky since such areas will not take ink. With such tips in mind, you should be able to effectively get scar cover-up tattoos to suit your needs. For instance, some women who have had traumatic surgical procedures find that their scar is a constant remainder of the experience.

It will therefore not be reasonable to start using scar cover-up tattoos on such areas as they will not work. On the other hand, if the car is small most artists will be able to cover it up effectively.

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