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Last night was Radiation, my favorite monthly event in Buffalo, so we got dressed up for dancing and hanging out with friends. I'm not a big fan of beer, yet I've been wanting to try a Snake Bite which is equal parts cider with lager beer. Admittedly I would normally disregard a sandal like this as I'm not normally a huge fan of a wide t-strap, but the Hailey Jeans Co.
My husband had a cancellation on Robert's birthday (Saturday) and asked if I wanted to come in and work on some of my pieces that need to be finished. On a personal note, I've been sorta quiet on my blog due to just needing to step back from the internet and concentrate more on my sewing, projects around the house and getting OUT of the house.
I'm not superstitious at all, so Friday the 13th is just another day to enjoy spooky-inspired puns and write the number 13 on everything!
The DJ played Alien Sex Fiend into Christian Death into The Sisters of Mercy, all the old folks were out on the dance floor. This drink is delicious and STRONG, it will have you doing the hula before you even ask for another one. I've broadcast my Dippity Durr Meagan Productions videos in my Tiki Room and it's been moved around since then, though it's not finished I wanted to share our insanity with you. The room is rather small, but at this apartment I'm wrangling it all in one spot without it spilling over into our living room. I also had a spill at the club, someone was right under my foot and they stepped on me as I was stomping on them (giant platforms) and down I went. I wasn't drunk in these pictures, just acting silly (what else is new?!) on a Wednesday evening.
I have heard a lot of British pubs serve Snake Bites and I believe that's where my husband has first tried one. Here's another installment of Dippity Durr Productions by Meagan Kyla (I just like calling it this, as it's all silly anyways!).
Since I've been toying with the idea of getting a Robert Smith tattoo, I suggested that in honor of Robert's birthday we start a new piece, well Derek wasn't going to say no to that (he's a big fan too).

I've been sewing like a mad woman lately and took some time to make a new back patch for myself.
This is our big vacation in which we spend a whole weekend with other Tiki enthusiast's who take over The Tiki Resort in Lake George. You should have seen the look on his face when he found it, like he had found the Holy Grail. I own Pennangalan boots and I HIGHLY recommend them when you want to save your pennies for a really nice pair of boots. A fashion tip: buckles on a boot can act like an accessory to an outfit, so think about your outfit as a whole from head to toe! It was nice that people rushed over to give me a hand up, I have to admit I rarely get embarrassed when I do fall, as when you wear 6.5 inch platforms and are 31, you worry about breaking an ankle rather than your pride. I, of course, am envious that he's even been to Britain or the UK in general, we're hoping to visit in 2013! If you're anything like me, summer footwear that I like is slim pickings as I find most of them too summery (like pastel flowers) or too high and just plain too ugly. I know I've mentioned The Cure and Robert Smith on my blog before, so I know this won't come as a shock that I'm writing a whole blog about the crazy 'Cure Lady' that I am. The photo above is just the first sitting and I pretty much giggled with delight the whole time. The internet is a time sucker and I love reading everyone's blogs and catching up with my friends, but I've decided to step back and erase things like my tumblr which was just a huge distraction. I'm always creating things that I love and want to keep, but I have restraint myself or else I'd have nothing in my etsy shop! The resort is the perfect back drop to a luau by the pool, underneath the stars, while sipping on cocktails.
I had a pair of cheap Demonia knock off's that were the short Victim ankle boots and after those died and went to shoe heaven (aka the garbage *insert very sad face*), it left a hole in my shoe loving heart! Used a traditional style with the flowers and rose and threw in some realistic elements on the skull itself along with the blood drops, highlights and filigree.

If you see a crazy American girl skipping around and looking REALLY happy, that will be me, stop and say "Hi!". These wedges have a black base (bonus!), have studs on them and have just the right balance of sexy, yet functional. Despite them being my favorite band and Robert Smith being one of my favorite singers (and one of my fashion icons), I don't listen to them everyday.
Robert now lives on my left thigh front and center, so when I sit and look down, there he is!
I started DIY-ing my clothing again as I just never quite find what I want and paying exorbitant prices on something just because it has a spooky graphic makes my wallet cry. I would wear these for an evening dinner with a little flowy black dress or pair them with a black skirt and t-shirt for an afternoon car show or casual lunch. I highly suggest a mini internet-cation or limiting your use for a few days, it's sorta liberating. I can relate particular time periods in my life to certain Cure songs, whether good or bad, they will always be my favorite band. I have mentioned Luau at the Lake on my blog before and have shown some pictures of the last two years we attended. I think Robert Smith's is a lyrical genius and I can get lost in his words and images that they bring to my mind. This year I'm looking forward to meeting up with some of the nice people we've met and making some new friends!

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