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Product DescriptionSun's Out Guns Out Men's T-Shirt features a classic 100% Cotton style is a great choice for anyone's T-shirt drawer.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. All Doraemon cool Doraemon wear sun glasses pullover hoodies are made of 100% cotton, which means it highly absorbent and comfortable for wearing.
A hat, an aviator, a half pant paired with a matching t-shirt makes a compete outfit for a beach day.
Get a short sleeved t-shirt adorned with a brand logo or go sleeveless if you have the biceps to flaunt (you won’t need the logo in that case). After your awesome day at the beach has drawn to a close and you want to switch out of your wet trunks, you’ll need your linen drawstring pants to wear with your sleeveless T or nice button-down short-sleeve shirt. Pair your t-shirt and a half pant with swish aviator, a classy watch, a hat and a comfortable X-footwear.

Walking the beach without sporting your trendiest open shoes is what I call a fashion crime. Don’t wear leather, suede or dressy shoes unless you hate them and are deliberately trying to get rid of them. Half pant and half sleeved t-shirt paired with a classic aviator and a hat for a beach day. If you want to avoid nasty sunburn and sunstroke, remember to protect your head from the sun by bringing along a fisherman’s hat, a baseball cap, a visor, or a bandana. These, specially the dark ones, make scanning the beaches so much easier even with your girl friend right next to you.
Rimless frames are more fragile, so be wary while wearing them to the beach (especially if they’re expensive or gifted by someone with a violent temper).
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Your fashionable choices should definitely include thongs, rubber or plastic flip flops and x sandals.
After you’ve had your share of dude bonding while swimming and surfing with the guys, it’s time to take your lady for a walk along the beach.
For engaging in more sporty activities like beach volleyball, opt for wraparounds or other sporty-looking shades.
To ensure that you don’t look tomato tanned and scruffy in your swimsuit while some six packed life guard flirts away with her, make sure you have all the beach must haves packed in your bag.

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